Closing a Chapter: 5 Tips for Speeding Up Your Divorce and Moving On

Speeding Up Your Divorce

Everyone who gets married truly believes they’ll live happily ever after. However, regardless of how gung-ho you were, people and circumstances change, leaving many couples scrambling for a way out. 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States, leaving many with mental and financial hardships as they navigate separation. Whether amicable or not, divorce spurs emotional distress as you and your ex-partner divvy up assets and part ways. 

Often, divorce is a turbulent process, as simple proceedings turn into screaming matches and legal processes come to a standstill. Unfortunately, the more arguments and disagreements there are, the longer the separation will take, causing both parties emotional and financial distress.  

Barring extraneous situations, divorcing couples should aim to keep proceedings short, avoiding delays whenever possible. The longer a divorce drags out, the less likely compromise becomes. Long-winded separations often end in bitterness and financial hardships. When it comes to divorce, short-and-sweet is the way to go to avoid further emotional turmoil. If you’re searching for a way to speed up your separation, read on for helpful tips. 

Consider divorce mediation 

As of late, many couples have forgone ordinary divorce proceedings and turned to mediation in an attempt to end their marriage on good terms. A third-person negotiator keeps meetings civil and productive, allowing parties a simple, expedited process and come to an amicable agreement.


In divorce mediation, each party and their attorney come together to settle affairs with the assistance of an unbiased peacemaker who helps parties come to agreeable terms. Divorce mediations cost less and allow separating couples to focus on asset distribution instead of bitter endings. When seeking assistance, be sure to partner with a family law attorney like this, who will provide you with much-needed coaching throughout the divorce process. 

Prepare ahead of time 

One of the trickiest and most time-consuming processes in a divorce is assessing your assets. Before meeting with your attorney, compose a written inventory of belongings, detailing which items you own individually and which are shared. Doing so saves you and your attorney time later on and ensures that the other party doesn’t hide any assets. 

Create a parenting arrangement 

Custody battles are incredibly long and heart-wrenching for everyone involved, especially your children. The best way to avoid putting your children through stress is to reduce the length of proceedings and develop a balanced parent arrangement. If you and your ex-partner agree to a parenting arrangement, allowing your children to give input, it can move along the process and ease the pain involved. 

Keep lines of communication open 

Divorce proceedings can be long and messy communication is limited or hostile. To dodge further complications, keep conversations cordial, avoid getting angry, and save insults for your journal.

Know what you want  

Distributing both parties’ assets can be challenging when divorcees can’t come to a fair agreement. Before meeting with your attorney, think about which belongings you’re willing to fight for and what items will go. 

Think about taxes 

Once you’ve finalized your divorce, you’ll need to file taxes independently, which will result in a new tax plan for you. Exemptions and deductions will shift, and dependents could change depending on custody arrangements. Make sure you study tax forms closely to avoid making financially burdensome mistakes come filing season.

Parting thoughts

Although heavy, divorce doesn’t have to be a messy screaming match ending in bitter disdain and severed ties. By scoping out belongings, curating a proceedings plan, utilizing a mediator when tempers run high, you’ll be able to part ways amicably and begin your independent journey. 

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