6 Cool & Trending Activities to Do On Facebook

Trending Activities on Facebook

With the huge leap in technology, the way we share things has changed so much more than what we were used to in the olden days. By the olden days, we are talking about when Facebook was all the hype; when it was where you would find all the cool kids. Nowadays, we have Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, and the list goes on. However, one fact remains unchanged; Facebook was and will always be a classic. One might even call it the Whiskey of social media platforms. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get a bit boring on Facebook. This is why we made a list of six fun things you could do – other than scroll through your feed – while on Facebook.

1.  Check Out Your Events

When you get sick of scrolling through your bottomless feed of posts, a great idea would be to click (or tap) on the events section. Most people, organizations, and companies completely rely on the use of Facebook to announce and manage their events. So, just go over there and, who knows, you might find a decent art class or an indie film screening that grabs your attention.

2.  Have fun with games

Remember the good old days when you used to get a million notifications from people asking you to send them gifts on some game? Well, those games tend to be pretty fun. In fact, several developing companies have significantly upped their game, literally. If you haven’t recently checked out the games available on Facebook, you should. You would be surprised by how good some of them are, and how good others have become.

3.  Build a fan base

Everyone knows, having a fan base is always a great thing. As an influencer, you can have a real impact in any niche of your interest, especially when you have the backing of the masses.

Social Media Daily is only one of the websites you can use as a stepping stone to build up a reputation on Facebook which you can use later on to become a social media influencer.

4.  Facebook Stories

Like Instagram, Facebook now has the same story feature, which is a fun way to share what goes on in your day. It is one of the newest things on Facebook, and is actually quite popular among users. What better way to share your personality and show the world who you are than through a catchy story? Besides, it’s the raw deal. You can use it to show people who you really are, without the problems that arise from misinterpreted texts.

5.  Update Your Information

One fun thing you can do is to check out your personal information page. For starters, you will get to laugh at who you were at the time you filled out those fields. Then, you can spend some time updating that information.

6.  Start Debates

Anything from a post about a certain situation to a simple comment on a picture can result in a fun online debate. Facebook is a socialization tool, after all. Just make sure you’re careful in the way in which you debate; there’s a fine line between debate and full on aggressive fighting! Try to keep it as classy as possible, so that you can get your point across.

While some may argue that the candle of Facebook is dwindling, these six activities are more than enough to show that the opposite is more true. Facebook appears to have more life left in it. The social media platform has so much more to offer. Despite people jumping from the newest app to the next, there is one that no one ever quits; and that is Facebook.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash