Free Spins Guide for Newbie Slot Players

Free Spins - Newbie Slots Players

Playing at an online casino is a very liberating experience. Just like a Vegas or Reno casino, you get access to rows and rows of slot machines. And the best part is that you can play them all in your jammies, lounging on your couch or bed!

But that convenience does come at a cost – the lack of comps. For those not familiar with casino gambling, comps are special bonuses and perks given by a casino to players. They can include free food, drinks, and tickets to concerts, superstar residencies, and other amazing entertainment shows. 

Since an online casino is a website run on the internet, they can’t offer you any of these comps or complimentary gifts. But they have a clever way of making up for it by offering free betting money, and free spins on slots. 

If you are not using free spins while playing at an online casino, stop, you are doing it wrong! Here is a quick and easy guide to everything you need to know about free spin bonuses at online casinos. 


Free Spins – What are they? 

The main objective in video slots is to spin the reels. When you press the slot’s lever/button, the reels spin for some time before displaying random symbols. And each time you pull/press the lever, it costs you some money to place a bet. 

Free spins are a type of bonus given by online casinos as a gift to new and regular players. Each free spin gives you one cash bet on a video slot. Casinos often set the spins to work only on specific slots. 

When you open that particular video slot game, your free spins will be ready and waiting. Normally, when you press the button to play, each round will deduct the bet value from your account. When you have free spins, this does not happen. 


Are free spins truly “free”? 

When you make a payment or deposit at an online casino, the money is added to your casino account bankroll. You can use this cash to play the various slots and card games available at the casino. 

All regular casino bonuses are given to you as extra gifts when you deposit money. This includes free spin bonuses as well. And yes, that does mean that you have to spend some money to trigger these bonuses. It’s like shopping and getting some percentage back as free store credit.   

But there is a special type of free spin bonus called no-deposit free spins. They do not require you to drop any cash at that casino. Instead, they give you the bonus as soon as you register an account.

This is the only type of free spins that are 100% free. You spend zero cash and still get bonus free spins. Sounds special right? They are indeed special, which also means that you can only claim them once at each online casino – only when you join for the first time. 


What can you expect from free spins? 

To put it simply, you can win real money if you are lucky! As already mentioned, a free spin is a real cash bet on a slot. If you get winning combos, the prize money is real. You may even be able to withdraw some or all of it at the end of your gaming session, subject to some rules and regulations. 

Consider this example – XYZ Casino offers you 25 free spins on NetEnt’s Starburst slot. You claim the bonus and play Starburst 25 rounds. Thanks to some lucky wins, you end up with $50 in your casino account. Once you fulfill the conditions specified by the casino bonus terms, you will be free to withdraw whatever is left of that $50!


What are the main different types of free spins at online casinos? 

You can divide free spins into two main categories based on your status at the casino. If you are a new player, you are eligible to claim either a no deposit free spin offer, or a casino welcome bonus package which often includes some free spins. 

Regular free spin offers are given to you if you decide to stick with the casino after finishing your welcome bonus. To claim these free spins, you have to continue depositing cash at the casino. 

You may also get free spins as part of the VIP club at an online casino. Each time you get promoted to a higher VIP level, the casino will give you extra freebies, which often include free spins on the latest slots. 


Where can I find free spins for online casinos? 

Finding the best free spin bonus used to be a daunting task. It’s much easier today as sites like Dogslots provide you with a list of the best free spin bonuses currently available. As more than 90% of the games at casinos are slots, almost all casinos offer some kind of free spin bonus. 

In the past, finding these bonuses was a chore, as you had to visit each casino separately. Now, reputed sites like Dogslots function as a useful aggregator for all available offers – a single, convenient location for all you free spin needs!   


What are wagering requirements for free spins? 

Since they come with a chance to win real money, bonuses like free spins are risky for online casinos. If too many players get lucky, the casino will lose a ton of money. But casinos cannot control players winning or losing. Modern video slots are designed to be 100% fair and random.

So they use certain bonus terms to restrict or minimize your chances of withdrawing your winnings. Chief among these is a wagering requirement. For example, you will find “30x wagering” or “25x playthrough requirement” among the bonus terms. 

You cannot withdraw the winnings without fulfilling the wagering terms. It works something like this: 

If you win $100, and the wagering is 30x, you need to make bets worth $100 x 30 = $3000 to fulfill your wagering/playthrough requirement. Unless you are exceptionally lucky, you will end up spending the entire $100 at the casino itself! 

Using basic math, it is quite clear that a lower wagering requirement improves your chances of withdrawing your winnings. Most casinos have wagering requirements between 20x on the low end and 60x or more at the higher end. 


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