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Anyone who is in the habit of playing, whether for a hobby or professionally, knows that the availability of the necessary accessories directly affects the quality of the game, and one of these indispensable accessories is a computer table. Do you know what kind of table should be and what qualities it should have in order to please a computer player? By the way, you can choose a high-quality and inexpensive adjustable gaming desk and even create your own version of the table online.

But what is a gaming table?

A gamer’s table is nothing more than a computer table, however, it has some additional attributes that facilitate and help routine players. You will find different models of gaming tables, with different designs, different materials, and different settings, but designed with the needs of the players in mind.

There are models that have drawers for storage of accessories, shelves, or niches for organizing games, many of them have different lighting to create the best experience for the player during long matches.

Pros and cons of a gaming table

As the main advantage, we can again mention its versatility, as we will find gaming tables in a wide variety of models.

Then, as a piece designed specifically for a specific use, it effectively and securely accommodates all equipment. Another advantage is its durability, you will find products made from durable materials.

Ergonomics can also be considered an advantage of the gaming table, as it has been designed to ensure good posture during matches, avoiding health problems in the future.

Tips for choosing a gaming table model

  • You must first analyze your environment as well as your needs and then make the right choice.
  • As for the environment, measure all the dimensions of the room, as well as the space that your figure will be in, to keep in mind the maximum dimensions of your gaming table.
  • After that, analyze your needs, often a simple table will already meet your needs, but on the other hand, if you have two screens, a keyboard, a mouse, and some other accessories, a gaming table will be the best choice.
  • Also, consider the number of items and be careful when choosing a model that has compartments to store them, because the organization of your gaming table is essential in order to focus on what really matters – the game.
  • Then choose the best material for your needs, which can be wood, steel, PVC, or even glass.
  • Design is also a matter to consider, evaluate the environment in which your table will be placed, look at the style and find a model that matches the decoration of the space so that, in addition to being functional, it has a harmonious and bold look.

What makes Progressive desks an ideal tool for successful game playing

You can take delight in the superior motorized desks produced by Progressive to meet your special needs as a player and experience its great advantage of adjustability. Why do not you want to improve your gaming environment? Probably, it’s time to change something and find the best solution you really deserve. If you buy expensive computers and all the related equipment to enjoy the gaming process whenever you wish, you, definitely, need to care about your place. You should not forget about your health, and posture and create an environment where you will feel comfortable and do not have strain or pain in any part of your body. Please, choose only the best, as it will, for sure, serve you for many years. Sit and stand desk is exactly what you need for this purpose. 


It took a lot of time for technical experts to determine key features the real gaming table should have to meet the necessary players’ requirements. The progressive Desk team knows very well what makes these desks so demanded and worth your attention as well. By the way, Solo Ryzer is a hit for many players. Its tabletop varies in sizes that allow customers to select appropriate variants depending on their preferences whether you like more compart tables or wider options. Do not worry about the work smoothness of a standing table as the frames are double motor two stages and, what is also essential, they are very durable due to its feature of collision-detection. 

Three great features of standing desk tabletops

Idea quality and operational life

The manufacturers usually apply long-lasting finishes to make the tabletops look beautiful and protect the item, at the same time,  against water, possible scratches, or other unpleasant conditions. 

The use of durable materials 

You can find among Progressive desks two options that are of exceptional quality: MDF and absolutely innovative solution of tabletops made of organic bamboo.

A huge pool of options to choose from

Use the virtual contractor to see this large variety of tabletops or try finding appropriate variants through a user-friendly catalog to combine the frame you like and the rest of the desk parts and accessories successfully. 

Major Benefits you will obtain when using Progressive automated desks for gaming

  • Tailor your perfect Gaming Space

You can boost the game you like to play and the environment simultaneously just by using this special adjustable desk. Besides, the company has created a fantastic instrument for potential desk buyers to create their unique model of gaming desk. Combine your favorite colors, choose tabletops,  forms, materials, and the required size of your future table.

  • Feel free to move and express your emotions while playing

It’s not essential if you’ve got an electric desk for placing computer screens or any other important devices and appliances you may need for normal gameplay, they all have one and the same mission to let you move while you are playing computer games. Finally, you receive two key advantages: ergonomic space to be healthier and the opportunity to enjoy games for a long time. 

  • Your posture can look better

Everyone knows that the healthier we are, the more interesting and challenging things in our lives we can do. And gaming for a long period of time can cause considerable changes, which are not usually positive, in your posture. Try for yourself to stand more instead of seating for several hours. Keep this necessary balance of standing and seating all the time and be sure you will win and save your healthy and good-looking posture. 

  • Make your playing skills longlasting

The automated standing desk can only boost your mystery due to its simple control and absolutely perfect smart construction. Select the tabletop you like visually and the one to hold, for example, your two computer monitors or some other essential gaming stuff in the most substantial way. 

  • Just think, “How can it be better?”Believe, it can

There is a huge range of different accessories to enhance the regular life of every successful gamer. It’s possible to optimize everything just in one spot with the help of effective compatible accessories specially designed for this purpose. You can choose anything you need starting from clamps and finishing with unique mats for fatigue and strain reduction.

Improve your space making it personal and comfortable to reach the highest level of the game bringing only positive effects to your health and emotional state. 

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