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5 Games Keen Gardeners Will Love

Keen Gardeners

Do you consider yourself a keen gardener? Do you have a green thumb and just love everything to do with gardening? While gardening is a fabulous hobby, you may be looking to expand in terms of your activities and hobbies. Keeping that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of five games that are perfect for keen gardeners such as yourself. These can help you to fill your free time when you’re not out in the garden.

Viridi – Watch Your Succulents Grow

Here’s an app that is perfect for those who want to be able to grow succulents but maybe don’t have the garden space for them. Viridi will have you growing succulents through a range of trying conditions. You’ll need to check on them often, give them enough water, make sure they are cared for, weed them and, the best part of all – you’ll get to see their growing progress.

My Little Terrarium – Create Your Masterpiece

Here’s an opportunity to create the terrarium of your dreams with the app My Little Terrarium. This one will require you to check in daily so that your plants stay healthy and thrive. You will work your way through worlds, all of which contain terrariums to care for. Make use of a variety of gardening tools, use different plants, add features and decorations to your terrarium and truly get swept up in the relaxation of it all.

Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

For those of you who like a more immersive gaming experience the Big Farm: Mobile Harvest app is a must-play. This is a simulator-style game that gives you the option to play on your own or with others. As the title implies, you’ll be planting, growing and harvesting crops. At the same time, you’ll be building your farm and the community that it resides in. This one has a social and immersive feel to it that is rather addictive.

Ooblets – Grow Some Rather Interesting Creatures

Instead of growing crops, the Ooblets app will have you growing cute little creatures. You’ll be working at a farm with a plot and it’s up to you to use the resources you find to complete the various quests and collect the items you need.

Online Casinos and Gambling are a Perfect Option

Another gaming option for keen gardeners is the online casinos that are so popular today. What do gardening and gambling have in common? More than you may think. Some of the standout similarities include the fact that they both teach you about cutting your losses, and knowing when to walk away; both can help with stress relief; they each require you to be in the moment and use different tools and techniques that can help you; and they can both be engaging and immersive.

Each of these games allows you to feed your passion for gardening in a unique and fun way. Sure, it’s great to get out in the garden and dig in the soil, but these games can help you extend your love of gardening in a different way.

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