Hosting a Strip Poker Night

Strip Poker Night

Card games are a time-honored pastime. Games like bridge, spades, hearts, gin rummy, blackjack and poker allow people to get together for occasions ranging from a casual evening of cards and conversation to high-stakes, winner-takes-all tournaments. Poker especially has taken on several variations; from penny ante games among friends to televised tournaments where winners can rack up five or even six figures in cash. 

Strip poker is a sensual variation of the game, where oftentimes no money changes hands, but people literally lose their shirts – and their pants, and often even more. Hosting a strip poker night is a fun way to really get to know the participants. The proper preparations can ensure that the evening is enjoyable for everyone — win, lose or strip.

Origins of Strip Poker

There is no set date for when poker was invented, but the general consensus is that the game has been around since before the Civil War. The game possibly originated in China in the 10th century or perhaps Persia in the 17th century or possibly Europe in the 18th century. The first games of strip poker were supposedly played in New Orleans in the 1830s. The game was especially popular during the Great Depression, oftentimes played not in private, but in unofficial casinos with groups that included both men and women.

Setting the Mood for a Strip Poker Night

Setting the proper atmosphere for a strip poker night is crucial. Think low lights, but not too low — people still need to see their cards and the other players. Music in the background also sets the mood; either soft and romantic or campy with strip-tease classics like “The Stripper” on continuous loop. Cushioned chairs plus a sufficiently warm room temperature will make the process of disrobing less chilly.

Strip poker is also an excellent idea for a sexy, yet inexpensive date. Lots of pillows and a throw rug on the floor, a bottle of wine and a few snacks are all that are needed to start fireworks flying with that special someone. 

Variations of Strip Poker

Nearly any variation of poker can be adapted to a strip poker night, but Texas Hold’em or Five Card Draw are among the most commonly used variations. In a conventional game of strip poker, everyone but the person holding a winning hand at the end of a round removes an item of clothing. The first person who winds up nude is the loser, while the last person wearing any item of clothing is the winner. In slower-paced versions of strip poker, only the person with the worst hand after each hand must remove an item of clothing.

Regardless of the variation selected for play, there are standard guidelines for strip poker:

  • Everyone starts off wearing the same number of clothing items.
  • What does and does not count as clothing should be determined before play starts.
  • Clean — and preferably attractive — underwear for all participants is a must.
  • Any conduct beyond playing cards must be agreed upon by ALL parties.

Cutting the Cards

Strip poker is a sensual way for consenting adults to turn up the heat on an ordinary game of cards. As long as everyone remains respectful and refrains from unwanted physical contact, a strip poker night can be an evening of good, slightly dirty fun for everyone.

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