How Moving Online Has Made The Fashion Industry More Accessible

Fashion Industry More Accessible

It might seem like a strange mix, but with the majority of the world’s stores seemingly moving much of their operations online, it could see a boost for the fashion industry. With so many changes to the industry and the need to find more sustainable methods of creating clothes and apparel, the shift to online has helped keep the industry stable and made the fashion industry more accessible. 

People have opted to shop online

People’s shopping habits changed because of the move online because they could shop at will as opposed to when the high street was open. Because of how difficult it was to go to clothes shops for 18 months, people were forced to shop online, so it has almost become normal now. If anything, it has been a role reversal as although it is still good to go to the shops to try on clothes and get a feel for it, consumers are still more inclined to shop online as it is still easier. Thanks to apps, the need for the queue has also been taken away, so it is little surprise to see people making use of the technology that has been made available to them. It might not be a total power shift, but it seems consumers certainly have a little more influence than they did before. 

The internet has made everything more convenient

It is no different in the gambling industry, where the prevalence of apps and online games has put more power in the hands of the consumer. They dictate when they play and almost determine how they consume the technology, especially as it is far more convenient from a player’s perspective. With the changes in hardware and technology, it has never been easier for gamers to join the industry as it has become more user-friendly. At, new players can choose to learn the rules before playing or jump straight in with the higher risk high rewards games. This gives the consumer more power in the sense that they can dictate how and when they want to play. It is their game, after all. 

Customers are getting more involved

With fashion shows and catwalks initially the domain of the lucky few who managed to get tickets through their industry connections, it is now possible to live stream the whole event and feel involved. Tommy Hilfiger even utilized the advances in VR technology, added headsets to his brand, with the idea behind it being to allow consumers to feel as if they are part of a fashion show and essentially make it feel like they were there. It is through this that the industry feels different, and customers are closer to the forefront now. Consumers are actively taking part now as opposed to just being passive spectators. This allows the brand to connect to the consumer in a way they were never able to before and realistically could prompt brand loyalty to be further strengthened. This has made it easier for people to get involved in the industry where they weren’t before, as they can see these shows much easier. 

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