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How To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home's Curb Appeal

First impressions really do matter, especially when it comes to the home you live in. You want your house to look attractive and put together when someone walks by or drives up to it.

Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to figure out ways for how you can boost your home’s curb appeal and make it look even better than it already does. Not only will you enjoy it more but it’ll likely sell faster if you do decide to put it up for sale one day. Make a list of projects and then put them in priority order and figure out what you can DIY and which projects you’ll need to hire a professional for. 

Install A New Roof

One idea if you want to boost your home’s curb appeal is to install a new roof. You can search online for “roofers near me” to find a professional to help you get the project done the right way and in a timely fashion. This is a big project and investment, so it’s crucial to find a company or professional who knows what they’re doing and will get your house looking better quickly. If you don’t want to replace your entire roof completely, then consider at least getting it cleaned and removing any marks or broken shingles. 

Replace an Old Mailbox

Believe it or not, people do notice what your mailbox looks like in front of your home. This is your chance to install an attractive and creative option instead of having a plain and boring box out front. You may also consider painting it if you like the style currently but feel it could use a little upgrade. Also think about planting fresh flowers in and around your mailbox to make it look more beautiful and more appealing. Replacing an old mailbox is a great DIY project to undertake and won’t cost you a lot to fix and upgrade it. 

Attend to Your Landscaping

You can genuinely make an impact with your home’s curb appeal when you choose to attend to your landscaping. This includes trimming any trees or bushes that are overgrown, cutting your lawn regularly and planting attractive plants and flowers in your front yard. Keep in mind that if it’s too much for you to handle by yourself, you can always hire a professional landscaping company to come in, revamp your yard and upkeep it for you. You may also consider cutting down a tree that’s dead or blocking the view of your home and removing any other bushes or shrubs that are no longer thriving. 

Decorate Your Front Porch

You can also boost your home’s curb appeal by taking the time to decorate your front porch. Some ideas you may want to consider are:

  • Painting your front door
  • Adding fresh flowers and plants
  • Having chairs or a sitting bench
  • Placing down a rug
  • Installing new lights

It’s a fun project that will truly make a big difference in how beautiful your house appears from the outside. Think about changing up your décor by season as well to keep it looking unique and fresh throughout the year. If your porch is big enough, then be sure to include a seating area where you can sit and relax on a lovely evening. 

Power Wash or Paint the Exterior

It’s also vital that you pay attention to and monitor how your house structure appears overall. Therefore, this is a good time to either paint or power-wash the exterior of your house. Taking these steps will help to make sure your house looks cleaner and well maintained from the street view. This is especially important if your home is a color where dirt and grime tend to be more noticeable. If you do choose to paint, use this as an opportunity to completely change the color of your home and choose a more modern hue that will make your house more appealing to potential buyers in the future. 


Boosting your home’s curb appeal isn’t necessarily a difficult task but will take some careful preparation and planning. Be ready to invest your time, money, and energy into making these home improvement projects come to life. Have fun transforming your house from good to great and be sure to take before and after pictures so you can see how much your hard work truly pays off in the end. Take it one project at a time based on what you feel is most important, so you don’t overwhelm yourself. 

Photo by Rowan Heuvel on Unsplash

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