How To Watch The Best Poker Matches on TV

Best Poker Matches on TV

Some people love to watch poker matches on TV and then there are those who don’t. Like other types of sports, from bowling to boxing matches, watching a poker game on television appeals to true aficionados.

If you the last time you can recall watching a poker game on TV was a re-run of That 70’s Show or some other sitcom or movie, it’s not that the televised matches don’t exist (you probably just don’t know where to watch).

Are Televised Poker Matches Still On Air?

The short answer is yes. The first World Series of Poker (WSOP) game was aired on CBS in 1973 as a special. While it’s not clear how many American households tuned in to watch WSOP, it offered non-poker players a chance to see how the game is played in real life, and not in some Old West saloon depicted in a movie.

Today, online casinos provide you with the opportunity to not only play online poker but also learn how to play video poker. In the 1970s, you either knew how to play or had to be a bystander and watch.

In the late 1980s and 1990s, ESPN began airing poker games, and popularity has remained high for poker enthusiasts.

Where Can You Watch Poker Matches Today?

If you grew up watching poker on ESPN, you might think that’s your only choice. While the network’s airing of WSOP and other tournaments are somewhat iconic, there are plenty of other options out there, which is nice when you’re looking for different perspectives, commentary, and camera angles. Poker is poker, but different shows present the game a little differently.

Here are a few shows/channels worth checking out if you’re interested in watching a televised poker match:

  • Poker After Dark: If you’re a night owl and you want to watch a poker match with limited commentary, this show is a favorite among poker players of all experience levels. You get a good look at almost every hand that’s played, so if you’re taking notes it’s entertaining and educational.


  • Twitch TV: If you’re a member of Twitch and a poker fan, you’ve probably already figured out that you can watch live streaming poker matches. You might have to wade through the directory to find a poker match with real people vs. a computer-generated game (with moves by real people).


  • Poker Central: Interested in watching poker any time of day? Poker Central is a channel that offers a variety of poker shows 24/7. Not only does the channel air favorites like Poker After Dark, but there are also poker podcasts and live reporting.


  • Game Show Network (GSN): If you already have the GSN on your cable package, you probably have been able to catch a poker match or two. While it’s not a channel solely devoted to poker, it’s a great channel for catching some high-quality games.


Whether you’re in the mood to watch a poker game from your smartphone or from your Xbox console, there are a variety of options to suit every poker fan’s preferences.


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