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Josh X Reveals His Amour – The Prelude EP

Josh X Amour

Josh X Amour – The Prelude EP Another Highlight From The R&B Crooner

R&B crooner, Josh Xantus just keeps showcasing his spectacular talent. The singer, emerged on the scene back around 2010, but still hasn’t had to deal with pressures of the mainstream industry. He’s independently released some of the hottest R&B mixtapes/EPs of the past 7 years and the latest EP from Josh X Amour – aka the Prelude is no different.

Amour is led by the new single, “I Don’t Want To Hurt You”, a smooth ballad that showcases the singers vocal talent and songwriting skills. Amour features an additional 9 new songs.  Amour is the prelude to Josh’s upcoming debut album, I Am Josh X.

Amour translates to “love” or “my love” in French, but the English meaning for the word is “a secret lover” or “love affair”. Josh X, who is of Haitian decent, fully showcases his Caribbean side on this project. There is an R&B/Kompa fusion on a couple songs on the project that is unlike anything else out now and probably hasn’t been seen on this level since Wyclef Jean and the Fugees.

There is an Apple Music version of the EP available, but it only features 5 tracks. You can Stream the Apple Music version of the Josh X Amour EP below:

Josh X Amour – The Prelude is available as a free download for his fans via his website, www.JoshXantusMusic.com.

Josh X AMOUR EP Tracklist:

1. Take Care Of You
2. Taking Me Back (Dirty)
3. Promise
4. Low Key Feeling You
5. I Gotta Try featuring Just VLAD (Skit)
6. Dont’ Wanna Hurt You
7. Creole Love
8. Bye Bye Baby featuring Tanya Jones
9. Heaven On My Mind (Ballad)
10. Stand By Me (2016 Wrap up)


In addition to the new EP, Josh X has a song with Cardi B out now called “Heaven On My Mind”. The track is currently number 22 on the Billboard R&B Charts. Listen to “Heaven On My Mind” Below:


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