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Like other Urban Fiction authors, Jade Jones is another writer who is setting a new standard for the Urban literature genre.

Well versed in keeping her readers hooked, Jade Jones’s books are popular for being addictive and satisfying.

Jade exploits her own experiences to develop compelling characters and plot lines, which she does admirably. Her creativity is fueled by seeing new faces, encountering new people, and exploring other cultures, according to her. While Jade Jones’s stories come from her heart, her skill comes from her head, and she conveys her emotions with ink.

Finally achieving her childhood dream of becoming a bestselling author, her best-selling “Cameron” series will be adapted into a feature-length film.

Take a look at some of our favorite Jade Jones books below!



Meet Cameron… By day, she’s a full-time student at Cleveland State University, destined for success and fortune. But when the sun goes down, the sexy young hustler must use her book and street smarts to make ends meet — even if it means twirling around a pole every night in the city’s most infamous gentleman’s club.

Although dancing might not be Cameron’s dream career, she’s more than willing to deal with the drama and chaos that comes with the territory. But juggling work, school, and her overly controlling boyfriend, Silk soon becomes a 24/7 job. Ten years her senior, Silk is a legend in the world of adult entertainment. Yet that fame also comes with its share of temptation, infidelity, and unwanted attention. But Cameron soon finds herself tempted as well when the darkly delicious Jude Patterson enters the picture.

A Thug by Nature by Jade Jones


When his life of crime finally catches up to him, Lowdown, a hardened thug with a penchant for crime, ends up behind bars for 4 years. Upon being released, he finds that things have changed dramatically since his arrest.

His former girlfriend has left him for his older brother, and things go from bad to worse when Lowdown is left to deal with one of his hotheaded and meddlesome baby mamas who is nothing but trouble. With a strained relationship with his estranged son to boot, he hightails back to the streets where he belongs, dealing drugs and robbing people to make a quick buck.

However, when he meets Aubri, a sweet-tempered college girl with a sunny disposition who is far too good for him in every way, Lowdown ends up falling hard for her regardless of the difference in their circumstances and character. Unable to give up his criminal tendencies despite his feelings for Aubri, Lowdown finds his next lick and the person he plans to rob turns out to be none other than an infamous kingpin, who also happens to be Aubri’s father.

Meanwhile, Aubri’s roommate, Z’Mya, who is chalk to her cheese, falls in love with Lowdown’s best friend Gunna, an incurable bad boy with more baggage than any woman can handle.

Head Over Heels For A Chi-Town Heavy


After a ten-year relationship ends in tears, Aspen finds herself trying to find closure and heal her shattered heart. Singlehandedly running her own small business to make ends meet, she is just starting to find her footing as a single mom when she meets Heavy. An arrogant bad boy with a reputation, Heavy willingly lets down his walls to prove to Aspen that he’s not like the other men who have walked in and out of her life.

While Aspen is discovering the true meaning of devotion, her best friend Kira struggles to stay afloat. She vowed to make things work with her insecure and controlling boyfriend Stoney until an ex, who she still carries a torch for, steps back into the picture. Kira is suddenly faced with a tough decision. Should she stay faithful to Stoney? Or should she give her old flame a second chance?

Packed with drama, betrayal, and suspense, “Head Over Heels for a Chi-Town Heavy” is an African-American romance about second chances and learning to love again.

Boss’d Up With A Billionaire


Yvonne, a dedicated special agent living in the heart of Chicago, is as smart and sensible as they come in almost everything – except love. When she meets Noble, a bad boy billionaire armed with enough suave and swagger to steal a girl’s heart, she falls head over heels in love with him. But it turns out that Yvonne’s new man is armed with a lot more than just killer good looks.

Meanwhile, Yvonne’s best friend Sami’s love life turns into a tangled web as she holds her boyfriend, Chaos down while running around town with a married man.

Things get even more complicated when Noble’s crazy baby mama, Zariah, who won’t give up on him, wants him back at any cost. And Noble just can’t seem to catch a break as Zariah’s cousin Abner tries to bring him down and it’s only a matter of time before Yvonne gets caught in the middle.

“Boss’d Up with a Billionaire” is an African American urban romance filled with suspense and drama that will transport you into a fast-paced world where crime and passion collide.

Sucker for Love by Jade Jones


At first glance, Taboo comes off as a perfectly normal guy, albeit a very attractive one – handsome, charismatic, and alluring, all in a dangerously sexy way. However, he is anything but ordinary.The son of a powerful Succubus, Taboo is a rare Sanguinarian vampire with an eternal and unquenchable thirst for blood. When he sets his sights on Charm, a bad girl from the hood full of attitude and spunk, the vampire doesn’t know what he’s in for.

Left to fend for herself at a young age, Charm had no choice but to land on her feet, cleverly conning her way through life in order to take care of herself and her younger brother. But things go south when she cons the wrong guy, never imagining in her wildest dreams that her victim could actually be a real vampire.

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