Online Dating Via Video Is The Best Way To Get To Know A Person

Contemporaries have a lot of opportunities to make new acquaintances on the Internet. However, not all of them are comfortable and effective. Today, we will talk about the free video chat roulette dating format. To make it more interesting, let’s try to draw an analogy with the more traditional dating sites and apps that most of you probably used.

Currently, many popular dating apps have built-in video chat; however, this is completely different from Chatroulette. Traditional dating sites and apps are often more famous and popular among users, but at the same time, it is less practical and promising. We’ll explain now!

Direct comparison of dating apps and video chats

These two formats use completely different concepts despite their similarities. Traditional dating services use all sorts of technological solutions (including artificial intelligence) to recommend a potential pair to users. Also, online video chats rely more on randomness, giving the user only basic search settings, but it often turns out that the second option is more effective.

Let’s do a more detailed comparison:

  1. Free video chat roulette allows you to see and hear the interlocutor, read their body language, gestures, and facial expressions. Thus, you can accurately assess their personality, manner of communication, and most importantly, their interest in developing relationships. None of the texting in the dating app provides the same variety of opportunities.
  2. Online video chat saves a lot of time. Everything is simple here — a live conversation is much faster than communication by texting. If you value your time and that of your interlocutor, choose video chat — you won’t regret it.
  3. People in video chats tend to be more engaged. When a person gets acquainted in a video chat, they are mainly looking for more promising acquaintances than someone who is just studying different sites and prefers to communicate exclusively in a text chat.
  4. Free video Chatroulette gives you more security than a paiddating app. Internet scammers for the most part try not to show their faces and therefore rarely use video chats; preferring to communicate with the “victim” only by text messages. Nonetheless, this does not mean that there are no risks in a random video chat. There are just a few of them.
  5. Communication in online video chat may replace the first date perfectly. A short video call will help you understand if you are ready to develop a relationship with an individual and take your communication offline. Also, there is no need to waste time on a live meeting, all you need to do is to choose a place and time that is convenient for both of you.

We will not deny that the random video chat format has some disadvantages. For example, if the connection is cut off for some reason, you will have very little chance of meeting the same interlocutor again. However, there are exceptions — video chats in which you can return to the previous interlocutor with just one click. In other cases, it will be useful to exchange contacts with a person so as not to lose each other. Another disadvantage is that not all free video chat roulettes have high-quality moderation and support services. This is true, therefore the choice of video chat for dating and communication must be approached responsibly!

Choosing a free video chat that meets modern requirements

The first random online video chats were Omegle and Chatroulette, which were launched in 2009. At that time, they were neither functional nor 100% safe. However, they provided Internet users of that time with a completely new dating format, which turned out to be extremely successful. That is why numerous alternatives began to appear very actively.

Let’s take a look at some of the current popular random video chats:

  • This is a functional free video chat roulette for making interesting acquaintances and chatting with people from all over the world. The main feature of is a built-in message translator that makes dating and communicating with foreigners more convenient.
  • Chatspin: This is an online video chat that differs from many analogues. It has an A/I mask that is used to hide one’s face. If you care about anonymity and confidentiality, Chatspin can be a good option for you. However, you need to keep in mind that interlocutors do not communicate actively with people who use such masks.
  • Bazoocam: This is a slightly outdated but quite popular free video chat. The set of functions is standard for a classic Chatroulette. The only thing that deserves attention is online mini-games that you can play with other participants to diversify communication.
  • Chathub: This is a free video Chatroulette where you can use language and gender filters to accurately search for people to chat with. Chathub doesn’t have a mobile app, but the site is well-adapted for mobile browsers.
  • Bigo Live: This is a video streaming platform where you can host or watch streams on almost any topic. For face-to-face dating, this is not the best option, but it is a great way to have a good time.
  • Tango: This is a video streaming platform that is primarily designed for mobile devices. Tango does not bind you to a particular topic, hence the streams are very different.
  • Chatous: This is a video chat with a functional built-in messenger in which you can chat, exchange media files, send short videos to interlocutors, and much more.
  • JustTalk: This is a minimalistic free video chat for smartphones, where you can meet and communicate face-to-face and in a group video chat. Also, standard text chat is included.
  • Minichat: This is a classic random video chat with a search for interlocutors by gender and country. You can register on the site in just one click through your social media profiles.
  • Chatrandom: This is an online video chat with gender, geographic filters, search by interests, built-in thematic chat rooms for many participants, and a separate paid chat with ladies. 

It is very difficult to choose an online video chat with such a variety, which would be better than the others in all respects. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the only option to make the right choice is to try different ones, compare them, and highlight all the pros and cons for yourself in order to choose a video chat for dating and communication from your own experience. We’re sure you’ll be fine!

There are situations where video chat is not the best choice

Obviously, we are in favor of video communication as a format of dating and convenient communication; however, there are indeed situations when it is better to temporarily refuse video communication:

  1. Bad Internet Connection: Despite excellent optimization and low traffic consumption, video chat requires a stable and pretty fast connection. Otherwise, the quality of video and sound will be low, and interruptions or complete disconnections may occur. No one will enjoy this kind of communication. In such situations, it is still worth limiting yourself to text messaging.
  2. You don’t need a video chat when you are driving or just have to concentrate on something. Video communication requires your active involvement. In a text chat, you can reply to a message in five, ten minutes, or even an hour. It won’t work in video chat. Therefore, if you cannot find time for communication at the moment, it is better to postpone the conversation for the future. 
  3. Uncomfortable environment: Not every individual is comfortable with talking via video, for example, on the street, and in a crowd. Many feel shy and constrained. Also, it is inconvenient to communicate in noisy environments or in places where you can be constantly distracted.

However, all these are the exceptions rather than the rules. In most cases, video communication is more convenient, comfortable, and faster than text chat. If, for some reason, you have previously ignored this format of dating and communication, we strongly recommend that you fix it as soon as possible. We promise you will definitely like it!

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