How To Prevent Healthcare Scams

Prevent Healthcare Scams

Each year, many innocent people are affected by healthcare scams. The best way to prevent this happening to you is through awareness that you could be a potential victim. You need to educate yourself on what to look out for and the different strategies to follow to prevent this from happening to you. 

Ways to Prevent a Healthcare Scam Happening to You

Protect yourself against fraud by visiting and helping to prevent a scam happening to you. Below is a guide to reduce the risks of this happening to you or someone you love.


Billing Errors

Innocent mistakes can indeed happen such as a doctor providing the wrong medical code to your health insurance, for example. If this code gets into the wrong hands, it could put someone out of pocket and mean they have a bill to pay for something they didn’t receive. 

You can avoid these billing errors by paying close attention to the payment notice stated on the bill. As soon as you spot a mistake, you should contact your doctor or a staff member about it, and they might explain that the payment notice is incorrect, or will even fix the error.


Be Aware of Anyone Asking for Your Personal Information

The next step is watching out for anyone asking for your personal information. Your insurance company won’t ever call or email you asking for your personal information. This includes your healthcare number, social security number, address, and bank account details.

Fraudsters can claim that they’re your insurer issuing new cards or in the process of updating forms about their customers. They may even state that you have an overdue medical bill that needs paying. Never assume that it’s a legitimate correspondence, even if the information they provide about you is correct. Even when it’s time for your medical card to be renewed, you won’t be asked for any of this personal information, and you’ll never be required to do anything as it’s an automatic process.


Don’t Sign a Document Without Thorough Investigation

When everything looks ordinary and you don’t have any suspicions, it can be easy to sign a document without checking what you’re signing for – especially if someone is on-hand to distract you to prevent you from reading every word.

If you’re ever in doubt, never sign a document, as it could be a scam. You can always ask a lawyer or loved one to review the document first. Don’t feel pressured to have to sign a document immediately either, especially if you have suspicions. 


Research Plans with Other Providers

Not all medical plans are right for everyone, because individuals have different needs and expectations. Many insurance sales calls are biased, and there could be other coverage plans that better fit your needs. Be aware of false claims or promises by comparing them will similar providers to ensure you’re not being scammed.

You should also be wary of how you receive the information about the company. If it’s over the phone, there’s no proof of what they’ve told you, compared to reading their plans over the Internet or through an email.

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