Mountain Dew To Release New Breakfast Drink

Mountain Dew KickStart

Mountain Dew is adding a new beverage to its arsenal, a semi-energy drink. The new drink is a blend of fruit juice and the soda which many younger people enjoy. The beverage, named “Kickstart” will be a fruit flavored drink containing 5% juice, Vitamins B & C, along with 90 milligrams of caffeine.

Mountain Dew Kickstart was announced on the company’s social media platforms in order to attract people and advertising their new beverage.

Mountain Dew is a division of PepsiCo and “Kickstart” will provide the company with an alternative energy solution for those that want something that’s not quite as extreme as the Monster or even Amp Energy Drinks.

The drink was originally named Mountain Dew A.M. but got a renamed to KickStart. The beverage was originally sold in Taco Bell’s breakfast menu. Not many people were to fond of the taste of the concoction since it was a mix of Oranje Juice and the soda.

Mountain Dew Kickstart will come in orange citrus and fruit punch flavors, hitting store shelves on February 25th. The 16-ounce can will have only 80 calories.


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