A Classic Revisited: “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson

Rock with You Michael Jackson

Clearly, I didn’t choose “Rock With You” by Michael Jackson only for his fit. One of the main reasons I did is because it’s one of the SMOOTHEST records you will ever hear in your life. Yes, I said record, (showing my age, again). Honestly though, why would you expect any less when Quincy Jones was on production! A legend in his own right. This song makes you wanna pull someone close, and just sway to it together. If you can’t find somebody, a two step will suffice. Either way you can’t just sit still when the DJ puts it on.

“Rock With You” was released in 1979. Two years before I was even born, and when I tell you I can sing it top to bottom right down to the “Rah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ock….” add lib that fades out at the end, I tell you no lie. This is how you know it’s a classic, it resonates from generation to generation. Bonus: It’s from his Off the Wall” album, which is a masterpiece in itself. So once you start rockin’, you might as well get into the rest of the album too.

Michael Jackson had a way of emoting the lyrics in his songs that is unmatched by many. When he said “Girllllll close your eyes, let that rhythm get into you…,” you followed directions and closed your damn eyes! You rode the boogie and you shared that beat of love because the King of Pop said so. Like he said, “Don’t try to fight it, there ain’t nothing that you can do….”

“Rock With You” is written by Rod Temperton.

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