Spotlight on Canada’s own, Global Syndicate

Global Syndicate

Introducing Vancouver Canada Bred Duo, Global Syndicate

Drive, creativity and continuous ambition are important with the industry of music.  Going from dreams and making them a reality are big steps to take, but anything is possible.  Believing that you’ll always be your biggest supporter is the attitude you need to make it in the music industry, let alone it helps to be noticed.  Just ask Global Syndicate. Straight from the money making avenues of Vancouver, Global Syndicate is made of Pi and LaLa. This Canadian based group is on the rise with no thoughts of stopping.

Overcoming many odds, they just recently signed with Black Phoenix Artist Management.  They dropped their first mixtape Vancity’s Best Kept Secret which was a local success.  Wanting to flex the music that’s out, they like to say that their music is global.  With music being their way to express their struggle, desire, fight and passion, living below the lines of wealth, coming from incomplete homes, they stayed determined with their eyes consistently on the prize of being something successful. That’s not the only thing that’s global-the-footprints they’re making are global as well!

Being fortunate and seeing their hard work pay off, they have toured and opened for DJ Whoo Kid, Detroit’s finest, D-12 and recently just got off tour with the one and only music veteran, Raekwon and recorded a single with him entitled, “The Announcement”.  Learning from the humble and wise and taking in the personal experiences on tour, Global Syndicate is taking every opportunity that’s given, staying focused and persistent within every move that they make.  Hoping to work with artist and composers on the East such as Jim Jones and artist and composers on the West coast, Global Syndicate is a name that will soon rock the nation, certain to create quite a buzz.

Within these two artists, they have warm and welcoming personalities that truly understand the definition of being humble, yet speak with the attitude of being blessed for the opportunities that were afforded to them.  They speak highly of the ones that took them underneath their wing on tours and in the studio and are grateful for the lessons they were offered.

With the new projects that they have coming up, such as their second mixtape entitled From the Ashes due out in June and a video featuring Raekwon due this August, you can tell in their voice that they’re eager to get started and bring their words to life.  Look out for Global Syndicate on tour with Fat Joe and the Terror Squad coming soon as well as their upcoming projects.

Written by Ashley Davis


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