The Scary Signs That You Are Getting Old

Getting Old

There are people that accept that getting old and the signs of old age are a part of life, and there are those who are absolutely terrified of the prospect of getting old, and do everything they can to counter those telltale signs. Either way, sometimes there are things that are going to happen to you that are going to give off the red flag and let you know that you’re getting old. We’re going to share a couple of those scary signs that mean you’re getting old, and maybe it’s time to accept it and take action to at least stay young at heart!

Your Body Just Isn’t The Same

If you’re not the particularly active or fit type that has exercised as a staple part of their daily routine, then this is going to hit you at a much earlier time than you’d like. When old age starts creeping in, your body starts to slow down, your immunity isn’t what it used to be, and everything hurts. You begin to experience the ups and downs of blood pressure and treating it as soon as possible is important, so that it doesn’t get worse. You find that you’ll be needing more and more vitamins and supplements, as well as medication just to ensure that your body keeps up a bit with its former self. Watch out for back and neck pains and definitely keep an eye out for those problem areas when it comes to things sagging! Your stomach and arms will give in to gravity as you get older. You either accept this, or challenge yourself to stay fit, and fight the test of time to keep your body in the best shape so that old age doesn’t find you early on. 

You No Longer Relate To The Current Music

This is something that we all like to deny, but deep down inside, you just know you’ve joined the older generation’s club the moment you can no longer stand the music that the ‘kids listen to these days. Just the fact that you refer to people younger than you as ‘kids’ is enough of a tell tale sign to know that you’re getting old. When it comes to music though, sometimes it’s actually something to be proud of! Generally, the music from back in the day had more substance so while it might be a rude awakening in the sense of you having to identify that you’re older now, at least you can appreciate the music of ‘your time’!

Your Idea Of An Exciting Night Changes

You’re going to get slapped in the face with the discovery that you’re getting old the moment your idea of an ideal night change. When an amazing night entails you staying home under the covers, reading a good book or watching a movie, it’s time to admit that you’re getting old. Once you pass that stage where partying the night away is the best thing ever, and the thought of it makes you cringe, you know the old monster is around the corner. 

Everyone You Know Has A Family And Kids

If you wake up one day and suddenly discover that everyone you know has settled down, started a family and already has kids, then you’re getting old and it’s time to admit to it. It’s a weird feeling, no doubt about it! Especially when you see a good friend of yours that you only think of as the party animal and now they’re all prim and proper, raising 3 kids and playing golf on the weekends! It doesn’t mean that you have to do the same, it just means that everyone your ‘age’ has moved into a different stage in life. 


While these signs may feel scary at first, the idea of getting old shouldn’t be one that evokes a sense of fear. We all go through different stages and phases in life, and we all adapt accordingly. The worst thing is to live in denial- it’s always best to adapt to where you’re supposed to be in life so that you don’t have an identity crisis, or even worse- neglect your health and well being. From the physical standpoint, there’s really no avoiding the signs of getting old- your body literally screams scary signs at you to give you a warning sign that it’s time to alter your lifestyle in a way that is for the better. As for the people around you, you can always stay young at heart and find those that are in the same phase of life with you. Getting old doesn’t mean losing your zest for life by any means.