The Top VR Trends in the Entertainment Business

Top VR Trends - Virtual Reality
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One of the most popular and fastest growing industries in the world is the business of Entertainment, with people looking to unwind after a tiring day at work. Over the last few years, Augmented and Virtual Reality, collectively known as XR (extended reality) have emerged as trending technologies beyond the field of gaming where it first became popular. 

Scope of growth for Virtual Reality

As per popular research, the future of Virtual reality is quite promising in the entertainment business in addition to spilling over to other industries. With the masses spending a lot of their money on social platforms, video games, music concerts, sports and games, VR will not substitute these mediums but make them more wide-ranging and engaging. The combination of VR technology and the emotional quotient attached to the business of entertainment has led to the development of products with surprising potential for success. 


Top VR Trends

GAMES – New categories of VR games mostly duplicate the conventional game genres and hence, features like sensory recognition that include flavours or smells and haptic feedback can be a revolutionary step in the industry. Till now, the VR games have been catering to the adults mostly. For an enjoyable experience, developing VR games for kids has a competitive advantage and this would of course include the need for a small-sized VR headset as well. For instance, companies like Samsung follow the inclination of developing new technology and have come out with the Samsung Odyssey+, a pocket friendly VR headset with competitive features that promote the Virtual Reality experience for online games.

HOBBIES – A perfect fusion of education and entertainment, VR hobby lessons are being promoted as marketing tools to build brands and promote products. Presented in a 360° layout, a VR lesson is more useful in engaging the user virtually and also spans all age groups.

LIVE MUSIC CONCERTS – With competition always on the rise in the entertainment business, artists and producers in the music industry are constantly experimenting and looking for emerging trends and meeting consumer expectations. In recent times, some of the best music festivals have increased their fan base and earned more thanks to their VR apps. Popular artists like Cold Play, Paul McCartney, Björk, Imagine Dragons or U2 have performed live through VR and this has allowed their audience to get the best seats to the show virtually! Further, a VR fan can also visit their favourite musician’s recording studio and get a brand new engaging experience.

LIVE SPORTS – FB has been streaming VR football and baseball games through the Oculus Venues platform, which enhances the stadium experience for the user in the comfort of their space. The Oculus Quest VR Headset made a significant difference in VR entertainment and enjoy both seated and standing experiences. Although this form is still work in progress, future development will increase its realism significantly.

CINEMA – The acceptance of multidimensional films is evidence enough that viewers are looking to get immersed in the experience. The significant success of VR cinema is IMAX, which exclusively used the Star VR headsets with cutting edge technology and this became quite evident with the blockbuster success the movie Justice League at the IMAX VR centres.

AMUSEMENT PARK – While amusement parks are designed to offer an exciting, extraordinary and entertaining experience to people, the advent of VR in combination with rides can create a breath-taking experience amidst the conventional form of entertainment. 

Top VR Trends - VR Headsets

VR Headsets

The only deterrent in the current scenarios is the fact that VR requires powerful processors within the headset which generate the graphics. Very soon headsets will be able to create progressive realistic worlds for a VR user as the devices are fitted with improved hardware, and become more portable and more powerful!


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