Getting Your Smoking Start: 6 Tips and Tricks for First-Time Cannabis Smokers

First-Time Cannabis Smokers

After years of forgoing nature’s most potent flower, you’ve finally decided to try bud for the first time. Perhaps your opinion of the plant has evolved as more states push to legalize its recreational use, or maybe countless endorsements have compelled you to indulge your curiosity. 

Although you’re likely excited about this new experience, expect to feel some nervous anticipation. Even the most seasoned smokers encounter pre-session jitters from time to time. Hesitation toward the unknown is a natural reaction, and the historical stigmatization of this natural herb adds an extra layer of skepticism. In addition, first-time smokers often feel skittish, not knowing how long the high will last or being in an unfamiliar setting. 

Adjusting your expectations and understanding how herb affects the body can ease your concerns. Without prior exposure to flower or concentrates, your body will be sensitive to the psychoactive and relaxing effects. Feeling happy, giggly, and euphoric are typical sensations, and you’ll experience the world more vividly, as colors and sound appear more brilliant. Depending on who you choose to light up with, smoking can be a profound bonding experience, and you may delve into conversations you would never have considered otherwise. 

If you’re ready to go green, here are six tips-and-tricks first-time smokers should know. 

Determine your consumption method 

The rapid expansion of the cannabis market has encouraged innovation in consumption. Between infused drinks and potent concentrates, first-timers have a variety of methods they can try. Edibles may be suitable for those looking for a smoke-free herb experience, but their long-term effects can sneak up on unsuspecting consumers. Vaporizers are wildly popular for their sleek design and portability, though some smokers denounce them for obscuring taste and effectiveness. 

For the ultimate deliciously smooth session, there’s no doubt that wax concentrates take first place. Dab beginners should work up to this method and expect a highly potent hit that showcases the herb’s finer aspects. Research high-quality glass dab rigs— like those from MJ Arsenal—and find a piece that suits your lifestyle and aesthetic. 

Take your time 

It’s quite common for first-timers to take a few puffs and feel nothing. In fact, it may take a few sessions before your body feels the full effects of the potent flower. With this in mind, avoid forcing a high by taking in massive hits and overindulging. Start with a steady intake or low-dose edible and give yourself time to absorb it. Gauge the intensity by checking in on your mood and work diligently to curb any negative thoughts creeping in. 

Choose your setting

Much like your mindset, your surroundings can impact your smoking experience. To ensure your first time is relaxed and safe, decide on a comfortable area where you can let down your guard. Surround yourself with people who will laugh at dumb high-jokes, and make sure to prep the space with plenty of snacks to cub inevitable munchies. 

Cough when you need to 

First-timers sometimes feel embarrassed when a coughing fit threatens to break loose after a drag. Don’t fight the urge—coughing is your lungs’ subconscious response to smoke and will relieve any burning or itching sensations caused by a deep toke. To satiate burning take a long sip of water and deep breaths in between coughing to calm a sore throat. 

Clear your day 

Your first experience with flower could sour if you’re worried about future responsibilities. Concentrates, edibles, and bud impact everyone differently, which means you could be in a green haze for the long haul during your first session. Designate one free day before lighting up so you can enjoy the wonders of herb without a care in the world. 

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Inexperienced users may feel lightheaded after a heavy smoke session, and dehydration can exacerbate those side effects. Keep a generous supply of water on hand when you smoke and take sips regularly. You’ll likely experience the infamous dry mouth at least once during your cannabis journey, and H20 will be your night in fluid armor when it hits. 

Bottom line 

Your first experience with nature’s potent flower is an invigorating introduction into a world full of giggles and tranquility. With these six tips and tricks for first-time smokers, you can light up, kick back, and remain free from stress as you soar high into the world of recreational smoking. 

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