Top 7 Beauty Tricks Everyone Should Know

Beauty Tricks

Want legit beauty tips and secrets? Who doesn’t! We have the seven best beauty tricks and tips you can try at home right now for an instant makeover.

You freak out when your favorite lipstick brand discontinues your top color. You’d rather stay in bed all day than have to face the world with a blemish. When you have a miserable hair day, your whole day is a mess.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry; you are not the only one who ties their mood to their appearance. It’s natural to want to look as good as possible, but relying on certain beauty products and weather conditions will only get you so far. Knowing a few tricks of the trade will get you way farther.

From taming your frizz to perfecting your brows, here are seven beauty tricks everyone needs to know.


1. Apply Eyeliner With the Dot Technique

Unless your hand is as unshakable as a surgeon’s, creating a clean, straight line on your lids is almost impossible to do in one fell swoop.

There’s a much easier way to line your eyes than trying to create a single line that bends and curves at the perfect angles:

The dot technique.

The dot technique is like those connect the dot puzzles you did as a kid. Take a liquid liner and dab a few dots or a few small dashes at the lash line where you want to line your lids. Then, go back in and fill in the spaces between those lines, a little bit at a time.

Whether you prefer a thick line, a thin line, or a dramatic wing, it’s much easier to do it in small sections than creating a single smooth line.


2. Apply Mascara Horizontally

Our eyelashes grow up and out, so it’s an instinct to want to use a mascara wand in the same direction. But there’s a better way to do it.

Instead of pulling your mascara wand vertically through your lashes, wiggle it from side to side instead. The horizontal movement of the wand helps to separate the lashes and coat them better. It will make them look thicker and more voluminous.


3. Use Lip Balm on Your Brows

We’re all semi-obsessed with our brows. And though we go to great pains to tame them with brows gels that hold the hairs in place, another product works as well in a pinch. 

Clear lip balm.

The lip balm that you use to keep your lips hydrated works wonders as a brow tamer. Rub some on your index finger and apply it to your brows. First, you’ll need a spoolie brush to set your brows in place. Once the balm is set, it’s super easy to get your brows in the right position (and make them stay that way).


4. Outline Your Lips With Concealer

Concealer isn’t only for covering up redness and minimizing dark spots. When applied strategically, it can also improve and define the shape of your lips.

Outline your lips with concealer, and you can create better lines and cleaner edges with your lipstick. You can use it in place of or in conjunction with a lip liner. Either way helps to make your lips stand out more so than usual.

You can also use a smidge of concealer as a highlighter on your Cupid’s bow (that soft indented area centered beneath your nose and above your upper lip). Highlighting the Cupid’s bow will make your lips look fuller and plumper without having to endure painful cosmetic fillers!  


5. Use Sunscreen Every Single Day

The best beauty tip of all is to follow a proper skincare routine that includes a daily cleanser and moisturizer. But it’s even more crucial to make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare repertoire.

Sunscreen does more than prevent skin cancer — it also fends off age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. On advice from the American Academy of Dermatology, a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays is best. They also recommend sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or above. If you’re going to be outdoors for an extended time, reapply it every two hours.

It’s essential to use sunscreen every single day, even if it isn’t sunny. Those harmful UV rays can penetrate through the clouds, so it’s best to use it even if it’s cloudy and dreary outside. 


6. Use a Dryer Sheet to Tame Frizz

Hate when your favorite chunky sweater creates static in your hair? Sick of frizz and flyaways ruining your perfect ponytail? Embarrassed by your split ends?   

Plenty of hair care products exist specifically for these reasons, but a simple dryer sheet can remedy them all. Gently rub a dryer sheet over your unruly hair to calm static, tame frizz, and keep those flyways as smooth as can be.

What makes this tip so key is that it’s super easy to fold a Bounce dryer sheet (or two) and stuff it in your bag or pocket.


7. Use Cold Water to Dry Nails Faster

If you do your manicures at home, then you already know how frustrating it is to smudge a nail before it’s dry. And if you layer on one or two coats of polish, it’s even more likely your nails will end up with an unwanted dent or smear.

Sure, patience may be a virtue, but it’s really hard to do nothing while you’re waiting for your nails to dry.

The good news is that you eliminate your drying time in half by holding your fingers in ice water for five minutes before painting them.

Cold water (as well as cold air) speeds up drying time and makes nail polish harden faster. If you don’t feel like dunking your nails in a bowl of water, running them under a hairdryer on a cold setting works as well. 



By knowing these few beauty secrets and beauty tricks, you can achieve a near-perfect look every day.  When it comes to feeling beautiful, the products you use are only part of it. 

It’s knowing how to apply them is what will really make you stand out!


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