Top Time-Eaters of American Students

Time Eaters of American Students

Student life is challenging. Being a learner, you have to balance your friends, homework, favorite hobbies, and classes. It is really hard doing it because there are only twenty-four hours in a day. Every student knows how challenging it is to provide all academic papers by the deadline. Lack of time is the main reason why so many undergraduates have trouble when getting their degrees. It is no wonder that students are always short of time because they never notice how many hours are wasted each and every day. We have prepared a list of the top time eaters of students that don’t let them live a full life. 

Social media

Number one time-eater of American learners is social media. If to use it effectively, it can help you when studying. Numerous social platforms are places where students share their experiences, give tips on how to cope with homework faster, and discuss their student life. If you can’t limit the time you spend online, social media can transform into real time-eater. Some students who stare into the phone’s screen for hours. They read useless posts, look at pictures of people, they even don’t know. Stop checking news and keeping track of likes. Stay away from gossiping chats and fake news. Use social media effectively, and don’t waste your time.

Doing boring writing

Being a learner, you deal with a pile of writing each and every day. Your professor assigns a research paper, several essays, and a report. Students waste so much time on boring writings. Some of them decide to benefit from the writing services and order an essay online. They count on professional writers to do their papers and save time for much more important activities. There are so many academic help services like Speedypaper. Students can count on the writing company and order an assignment, providing a Speedypaper discount code that helps to save some cash. Get papers by the deadline, and don’t waste time on boring writing. 

Video games

The majority of American students are real fans of gaming. They can spend days and nights playing their favorite video games. Some of them use gaming as a way to escape from reality and the everyday routine. Playing too many games can lead to significant time losses. Video games eat your precious time when you play them for hours. Don’t play too late at night; try to limit the time you spend in the virtual world and let your brain relax for a while. 

Chaotic lifestyle

To be a well-performing student, you have to be organized. Purchase a planner and write down all the things you have to do for a week. Check the list of important activities every morning, and you won’t have trouble missing something. Stick to your to-do list and try to be more organized. A chaotic lifestyle and a lack of planning are the reasons why your time is wasted every single day. 


The majority of learners have a habit to procrastinate. They usually put doing the most challenging assignments on the waiting list. Students think that they will create all the essays, research papers, and other assignments just in one night, but such a habit to procrastinate can give you wicked nightmares. Do all college assignments on time, and you will see that being a well-performing student is not as hard as it may seem. Try to get rid of the habit to procrastinate writing to-do lists every semester. 


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