Understanding the Vape Ban: Important Vapes Laws to Know for Different States

Vape Laws and Vape Ban
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If you are one of the eight percent of Americans who vape, you’ve probably been worrying if your hobby is going to be banned. After a spate of tragic deaths, legislators have been discussing banning vapes. Now, this is wrong-headed for several reasons which we’ll get on to shortly, but it’s a real issue.

Some states have introduced bans on specific kinds of vape. if you’re in one of these states, the vape ban is likely to be problematic. You may not be able to buy your favorite flavor anymore.

However, there are certain loopholes. If you want to keep on vaping, we’ll show you how this is possible.

Ready to find out if your state has instituted a vape ban? Then read on!

Vaping Laws by State

While President Trump has said there is a plan to ban flavored vapes, this hasn’t gone through yet. Some states have pre-empted this ban, however. If you’re in one of these states, you may find vaping laws a lot more restrictive.


Massachusetts has actually implemented their vape ban, rather than simply talking about it. The sale of all marijuana or tobacco vape products have been banned statewide, until at least January.

Rhode Island

Fellow New Englanders in Rhode Island have also banned flavored e-liquids. Ordering e-liquids online has also been banned. 


Michigan was one of the first states to put through a vape ban. However, at least one vape store has challenged the ban. There has also been a delay in putting the vape ban into action.


All flavored e-liquids are currently embargoed in Washington. The ban was instated on October 10 and will run for 120 days.


Oregon has issued a temporary ban on all vaping products. The policy will last until April. However, vape businesses have successfully challenged the ban on tobacco products.

New York

New York has banned all flavored vaping products but has been subject to a delay. 


Montana planned to ban vaping products until February 19. However, the ban has been successfully challenged and has not yet been put into action.


Utah did put forward a ban on vaping products, however, it has been (at least temporarily) overturned. For more information, check out this post.

Why Were Vapes Banned?

The vaping ban is one of the stupidest mistakes that legislators could make. The string of recent tragic deaths is horrendous, certainly, but all science shows that vaping is not dangerous in normal circumstances. Accusations that vape companies market towards teens is also unfounded.

This vape ban is an example of what is known as the politician’s syllogism. This has three parts:

  1. Something must be done
  2. This is something
  3. We must do this

There is precious little stopping teens from smoking. Why focus on vaping?

But People Have Died, Won’t a Vaping Ban Prevent This?

No, it really won’t. Those who have died were found to have been vaping e-liquids that contained vitamin E acetate. This compound is toxic when vaped.

The compound was added to THC vape cartridges, which were bought on the black market. Vitamin E acetate is added to thicken the liquid. 

The lesson here is not to ban vapes. It is to crack down on black market sellers. If you buy your e-liquids from reputable sellers, they will not contain vitamin E acetate.

We Need to Stop Teens Vaping

I agree that teens shouldn’t be vaping. Ask yourself this, however: teens have been smoking for years even though they shouldn’t. 

Vaping stores, whether online or off, are responsible for selling vapes. They need to take a proactive role in making sure that teens don’t get their hands on vaping. This is the answer, not to destroy thousands of businesses across the country with a hamfisted ban.

As to arguments that Juul market towards teens, these are largely unfounded. Yes, the models in the advert are young, but what else is new? Youths are used in adverts all the time: they weren’t exactly pushing vapes into the hands of teens.

Loopholes in Vaping Laws

Okay, my rant is over. Let’s take a look at how you can carry on vaping despite the vape ban.

Before reading on, you should study your state’s laws closely and obey them. However, there are loopholes.

Buying Nicotine-Free Liquid and Adding a Nic Shot

Some states, like Michigan, haven’t banned nicotine-free liquid. Nor have they banned nicotine shots. You can do the math, here.

Vapers in the UK and Europe have been doing this for years, due to European regulations. You can buy a bottle of “shortfill” liquid, which isn’t filled to the brim. You then top it up with nicotine, typically resulting in 3 mg/ml concentration juice.

Stockpiling Juice

This tip doesn’t help those in states that have already banned vaping. However, if your state does plan to issue a vape ban, you can get around it by stockpiling e-liquid. Bans are not implemented immediately, so you should have a grace period where you can buy enough e-liquid to see yourself through the ban period.

Making Your Own Vape Juice

Vaping laws may target buying ready-made juice, but there’s precious little to stop you from making your own. Seasoned vape veterans have been doing this for years, and the process isn’t too hard.

All you need to buy is vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and flavorings. Check that all of the ingredients you purchase are safe to vape: we can’t stress this enough.

DIY juice is more popular now than ever, and with good reason. 

Final Thoughts on the Vape Ban

The vape ban may be stupid, but there’s not much you can do about it. There are solutions available to you, and by using these, you can continue to vape as normal.

Hopefully, we’ll see more intelligent heads prevail over the alarmists who would see one of the most effective ways of quitting smoking banned. 

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Photo Credit:  Sarah Johnson via Flickr

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