Why Cannabis Education Programs for College Students Are Important

Cannabis Education Programs
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The use of marijuana among college students has reached levels not seen since the 1980s. While it might have some therapeutic and relaxing effect, students are beginning to misuse it. Let’s learn about cannabis education programs and their benefits?

According to a professional health organization, the rate at which young adults use cannabis has risen above expectations. This was around 2020. And now, with monitoring future, 25% of college students admitted to the use in the past month. This implies that more than a quarter of students use drugs and alcohol almost daily. This is why many adults question the legalization of its use. 

Why marijuana should be legal? Cannabis play an important role in the medical and recreational fields. In the medical field, it has been perfected to treat pains, nausea, and other health complications. Recreationally, users go through a period of self-redefinition before use for personal or health purposes. With all these, can you see why there is a debate on legalizing marijuana use?

As a student, you may need a sample of “why marijuana should be legalized” essay either for research or coursework. While many ask why marijuana should be legal, they fail to see some of its health benefits. You can find many reports and studies published online that can help with your assignments or your dissertation on the legalization of marijuana.

Since the federal law still considers possession of cannabis illegal, most states fight the right to make it legal. Although the relaxing effect of marijuana can be soothing, it actually may backfires. Even knowing the lesson on its adverse effects, why are students still using it?

Why is Marijuana So Popular among Students, Especially College Students?

Many people have shown that their use of marijuana is mainly because of wanting to feel high or coping with a current mood. For college learners, they participate in this act to increase their social groups, feel high, or feel better.

Youths, especially those over 20 years old, have increased the number of recreational cannabis users in the US to over three million. Research made it clear that most of these school learners use weed to feel relaxed. 

While the legal debate may be going on, the medicinal and health-recreational use of marijuana have been shown as their major concerns. Even with that, as of 2021, Statista claimed that 53% of 18–34-year-olds have replaced alcohol use with cannabis consumption.

This is more of the reason why cannabis education programs should be publicized, especially in schools. While the student universe may feel cannabis doesn’t harm them, we’ve compiled some of the effects of these drugs. 

Effect of Weed on Academic Performance

Using cannabis has been scientifically researched to come with huge risks that every user should pay attention to. Research was conducted earlier this year in a university to find out the effects of drugs in students’ lives. From the research, they concluded that the more often a student takes cannabis, the lower they focus on their course

Many of these learners were found not to attend any class. Their online student portal is enough to tell the story of their academic pursuit. And even those that attend find it very difficult to pay attention to what the teacher is explaining. But on the other hand, weed can help those students to deal with their anxiety and depression. 

Almost every tertiary education system now puts a cannabis education program in their curricula to help their students. Apart from teaching only its adverse effect, the cultural and health methodology of marijuana is now taught across the country.

Legalizing Cannabis and Its Education Program

Cannabis education is now more important than ever. And fortunately, many programs, voluntary student services and book clubs are now out teaching students and educating them on the use of cannabis in their life. Funny enough, the legalization of marijuana is spreading to future courses of study for many. 

Many students have also taken great steps in studying its medicinal advantage. Instead of fearing the life-threatening aspect of the drug, some individuals have taken things to a more educational aspect. By 2022, the pharmaceutical industry focusing on these drugs has projected over 500,000 job creations.


Though, cannabis may be harmful at some level. But its medicinal and recreational reproach is very advantageous. This is why cannabis education is very important as students can now learn the in-depth analysis of the drug for economic use. 

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