[VIDEO] DJ Khaled ft. Kanye West & Rick Ross – “I Wish You Would”

DJ Khaled I Wish You Would

DJ Khaled is back, as big as ever, and this time joined by Kanye West and Rick Ross in daring anyone to play him. “I Wish You Would” features the bombastic trap sounds so indicative of Khaled, with the subdued, luxurious menace pervasive in Drill Music or Ross’ own intimidating, diamond dripped sound.

The song marks a return to a particular form for Yeezy, who has tried on different styles in his most recent releases, and returns to a strong one—the sing-rapping that powered his “Lollipop” remix—here. For his part, Ross attacks with his signature blend of statuesque bravado and criminal regality, dominating the track like he has most others since coming fully into power on Teflon Don.

Ross’ strength and West’s passion combines in another win for Khaled, an infectious single for a man with more hooks in his canon than J.M. Barrie.


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