[LISTEN] Sean Kingston ft. Wale – “Seasonal Love” (Review)

Sean Kingston Season Love Single Artwork

“Bands A Dance” meets the calendar as Sean Kingston provides his latest offering “Seasonal Love.”  The R & B infused track finds Kingston in his singing element with Wale on board for the Rap influence.  Check out the track here…

Download:  Sean Kingston ft. Wale – “Seasonal Love”

The track opens with a catchy and melodic chorus delivered by Sean Kingston, immediately setting a romantic and laid-back atmosphere. His vocals are smooth and inviting, capturing the essence of seasonal love and the emotions that come with it. The chorus is accompanied by a groovy instrumental arrangement, blending pop elements with a subtle Caribbean influence, which is characteristic of Sean Kingston’s style.

Wale’s rap verse adds a nice touch to the song, providing a contrasting yet complementary dynamic to Sean Kingston’s vocals. His flow is confident, and his lyrics explore the theme of love from a different perspective, adding depth to the overall message of the song.

Lyrically, “Seasonal Love” explores the idea of a fleeting and temporary romance, where the intensity of feelings may wax and wane with the changing seasons. The lyrics touch upon the excitement and passion of a relationship but also acknowledge the potential for it to be short-lived.

The production of the song is well-executed, with a polished sound and a catchy beat that keeps the listener engaged. The collaboration between Sean Kingston and Wale brings a nice blend of styles, creating a balanced and enjoyable track.

Overall, “Seasonal Love” is a pleasant and catchy R&B/pop collaboration. It captures the essence of fleeting romance, backed by solid vocal performances from Sean Kingston and a notable contribution from Wale. The song’s engaging production and relatable lyrics make it a suitable choice for fans of contemporary R&B and pop music.

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