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T.I. ft. André 3000 – I’m Sorry

[LYRICS] T.I. ft. André 3000 - I'm Sorry


The first time these two get on a track with each other, André 3000 joins T.I. on the new track, “Sorry.”  Sounds like 3K is discussing the OutKast situation on this one. Check out the T.I. Sorry Lyrics, Download, and Video here…

Download:  T.I. ft. André 3000 – “Sorry”

T.I. Sorry Lyrics:

My cup runneth over with pinot grigio, hold upYou bogus in the lambo if you ain’t lifting the door upYou bogus poppin’ pills if you ain’t pickin the ho upYou bogus running out on your kids my nigga grow upFor God’s sake, like a wedding, cutting large cakeFor large stakes let the hammer bang broad dayAy, nevermind what the blogs sayThis what my mind and my heart sayMy philosophy profit off of my propertiesGet it, flip it, we got to be rich, that broke shit is obsoletePossibly off of my rocker, watch how you watching meSophisticated, psychotic, fly as a pilotOfficially silent, all you wish you could get I got itUnlimited titanium nigga, what’s in yo wallet?Out of gladiator college, I made it summa cum laudeWhile you clowns couldn’t have got a cap and gown if you bought itI parlay with Saudis, buying crude oil and diamondsHustle January, July, fly to DubaiA broke nigga telling me ’bout how I’m dividing the piesLike a blind nigga telling me it’s an eye for an eyeBullheaded and stubborn I be that way until I dieBut find a nigga with more hustle then me I dare you to tryAnd according to the hand on my AudemarIt’s my time to shine so fuck ya’ll
What should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry toWhat should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry toThe fact is you can’t please everybodyYou can’t please everybodyWhat should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry to
I grew up in the gutter, life a motherfuckerI get that why I don’t trust a motherfuckerSeen a nigga snitch on they mom, shoot at they brotherGo to prison in love with a bitch and a nigga fuck herI seen real G’s destroyed by real suckersInnocent ladies raped and defenseless babies abductedSuch a horrible truth, but you see it over and overIt’s nothing, you numb to it and your heart grow colderPacify your pain with a chain and a RoverFuck it, justify your action by stacking your dough upYou show up with a brick of cocaine and baking sodaJust enough for me to blow up, nigga hold upSwitch the flow up, cause these niggas be snitchin’ so muchI promise all they missing’s the badge, coffee, and donutGo to jail so what, never see my integrity perishThat ain’t the Harris’ way, study my pedigreePromise I’m one of the only ones who keep it 100Probably why I think they all out to get me, you can’t convince meLarge money and fame will plant seeds of envyTo make my partners resent me enough to come and get meCatch me slippin’ and hit me, just like they did 50Cause I’m in the position that he think he should be givenListen, dawg, the fact of the matter isI’m on a narrow path and we all can’t travel
What should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry toWhat should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry toThe fact is you can’t please everybodyYou can’t please everybodyWhat should I be sorry forWho should I be sorry to
What it ain’t, What it is?Even if you gotta liveI learned that apartment is way more exciting than a big ass house on a hillI used to be a way better writer and a rapperWhen I used to want a black Karmann GhiaNow a nigga speeding in a PorscheFeeling like I’m going off a courseCut these fuck niggas offNegative in my life, scream that till I’m hoarseDuck these get the fuck off me projectiles, bitch you ain’t really got a choiceI’m living my life live yoursI don’t even like rapping fast, but that’s how the word come to meTalk to me sideways nigga that’s your assSlow it down, this that shit that’ll make you call your mommaSay hey I’m sorry for begging for all them clothes you couldn’t affordAnd this the type of shit that’ll make you call your rap partnerAnd say I’m sorry I’m awkward, my fault for fuckin’ up the toursI hated all the attention so I ran from itFuck it if we did, but I hope we ain’t lose no fans from itI’m a grown-ass kid, you know ain’t never cared about no damn moneyWhy do we try so hard to be stars, just to dodge commentsAnd this that shit that’ll make you call your baby mamaWhen you gone on half a pill, don’t know why but that’s how it isThen you take a flight back to the crib, y’all make love like college kidsAnd you say all the shit you gon’ do better, we can try this shit again‘Round the time the dope wear off, you feel stupid, she feel lostThat’s that dope, I mean, I mean dopamine you think Cupid done worn offWaiting in the hallway with her arms crossedBaby boy face full of applesauceMaybe should have stayed but it ain’t yo faultToo much pressure, I peel off, I’m sorryWas young and had to choose between youAnd what the rest of the world might offer me, shit what would you doWell I’d probably do it differently if second the chanceOnly if some cool ass older man would’ve let me know in advanceThis, this quarry, that is dug so deep in a father’s chestWhen he feel that he’s broken up his nestAnd he figured shit he was just doing the best that he couldWhich end up being the worst that he couldAnd all some pussy nigga on the internet can say is that verse ain’t goodIt’s boring, boring?Really?
Well I’m disgusted with this world and I can hardly breathe andTold so many lies, don’t know what to believeI discussed it with this girl, and this is what she saidShe said, “Lay down baby, baby, rest your weary head up”Love these distractions but my mind don’t wanna restBut my body disagree so I laid up on her breasts, yes“Ooooh, you so fucking fine”I woke up the next morning with new purpose on my mind
Ooooh, who pulls your ponytailWho knows your body well huh?
What should I be sorry for?Who should I be sorry to?

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