Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment: New Music, New Sound & Overwhelming Anticipation

Chance The Rapper Surf

The Chance The Rapper Surf album with The Social Experiment is One of the Most Anticipated Projects of the Year

After recently being named to Forbes “30 under 30” list 2015 music list, alongside A$AP Rocky, Mike Will, and many more talented artists, Chance The Rapper is set to have a great year.  He is the youngest person to make it onto this year’s list.  Now he has new music to go with the accolades.  He has released a slew of new tracks with his band, The Social Experiment, titled, “Wonderful Everyday,” “Sunday Candy,” and “Stevie Wonder.”  The tracks are off the Chance The Rapper Surf album, a free release coming soon.

“Stevie Wonder”

This song has the vibe of well-known artist, The Weeknd.  The lyrics take precedence over the underlying melody, but do not overpower it.  The strong beat comes through, and allows you to listen to the lyrics even more clearly.  The instrumentals are felt in the background, allowing the listener to get a full taste for what Chance is trying to say in the song.  The song is sexy, smart, and hits a perfect harmony of bass, beat and vocals.

“Sunday Candy”
This is probably my favorite of his new songs coming out.  Chance’s rap blends with the melodic chorus seamlessly.  The lyrics and the melody weave together harmoniously creating a song that really let’s you feel the lyrics and move with the song.  The male and female vocals are heard separately at first, and have unique qualities to them that meet a chilling and amazing harmony when they finally meet.  The meeting of the two voices keeps things interesting without distracting from the overall melody.  Island vibes are introduced into the more bluesy tones of the song in a brilliant way.  It keeps things fresh but doesn’t take away from the song.  “Sunday Candy” is a fun and romantic song, with a soulful tone and message.

“Wonderful Everyday”
Wonderful Everyday starts out with a gospel melody.   Chance’s live band, The Social Experiment shines through on this track.  This is an uplifting, positive song – that feels as if it is over before it has begun.  The lyrics are important to the message he is sending, but there is special attention paid to the instrumental portion of the track.  A cluster of voice’s can be heard throughout the song, and once in a while you hear Chance’s above the rest.  The back and forth of the male and female vocals with his voice becoming increasingly differentiated from the others around him creates a simple and powerfully soulful harmony.

Chance The Rapper’s upcoming album will be titled, Surf.  It’s officially accredited as the first project for Chance’s band.  It will highlight the trumpet player Donnie Trumpet. Stay tuned for an official release date for the free album.

In the mean time, you can find these new tracks from the Chance The Rapper Surf album at or below: