Charles Hamilton – ‘Normalcy’ Mixtape Download

Charles Hamilton Normalcy Mixtape Download

The Charles Hamilton Normalcy mixtape is one of his better projects. Its release date of December 28, 2009 ensures that Normalcy is the last we’ll hear from Hamilton for the rest of the year. With 13 tracks on offer, is Hamilton’s Normalcy a fitting send-off for the first decade of the 2000’s? Give it a listen and be the judge.

Check out the track listing and the download link below.


Charles Hamilton's Normalcy Mixtape Track Listing


Normalcy Mixtape Track List

  1. New Music From Charles Hamilton
  2. Enter The Scope

  3. WorkinInTheLab

  4. Coodies

  5. August Rush

  6. Air Agains

  7. Loserville

  8. She’s Purrty

  9. Laptop Therapy (Jackie Blue)

  10. Suicides

  11. Baby Says I Want

  12. See & Say

  13. 20Hamil10

Charles Hamilton Normalcy Mixtape Download

Now that you’ve hopefully listened to Hamilton’s latest mixtape, what did you think? Is Normalcy anything but normal, or is it somehow living up to its name and failing to make waves? Did anything stand out and strike your fancy?

Thankfully, it’s the end of the year and the decade, so Charles Hamilton will have an extra clean slate to work with next year. Only time will tell whether he’ll continue riding the highs of his craft or if he’ll use his lows to create something magnificent. For now, let’s enjoy Normalcy as we count the days into 2010.


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