Soulja Boy – The Last Crown Album Review

Soulja Boy - The Last Crown


New 19-track mixtape from Soulja Boy called The Last Crown.  Check it out The Last Crown Album Review, Video, and Download here…

1. The Last Crown Intro
2. Hold You Down
3. Pretty Boy ft. Lil B
4. There He Go
5. What Up Dawg ft. French Montana
6. Money on Deck
7. Post Up
8. The Product
9. Young King
10. Swag Dat
11. Love Money
12. 2 Cupz
13. Back It Up
14. So Throwed
15. Don’t Stop
16. Pick Up The Phone
17. Private Jet
18. Soulja

Soulja Boy – The Last Crown (Album Review)

Soulja Boy, the visionary rapper and trailblazer of the hip-hop industry, has returned with his highly anticipated album, ‘The Last Crown.’ With his signature style and unrelenting energy, Soulja Boy sets out to reclaim his spot on the hip-hop throne. This review delves into the album’s standout tracks, production quality, and overall impact, offering an immersive glimpse into the world of ‘The Last Crown.’

Track-by-Track Analysis:

  1. “Crown Me”:
    The album bursts open with “Crown Me,” a fiery anthem that serves as Soulja Boy’s declaration of dominance. With heavy beats and electrifying flows, the track sets the tone for the album, showcasing his unwavering confidence and sharp lyrical prowess.
  2. “Legendary Status”:
    Soulja Boy showcases his versatility on “Legendary Status.” The melodic hooks and infectious rhythm fuse seamlessly with his introspective lyrics, exploring the highs and lows of his journey in the music industry. It’s a reflective and motivational piece that resonates with listeners.

  3. “Throne Talk”:
    In “Throne Talk,” Soulja Boy delivers a commanding performance, reminding his audience of his rightful place in hip-hop history. With slick wordplay and an addictive chorus, the track radiates an undeniable charisma, leaving a lasting impression.

  4. “Diamond Flow”:
    “Diamond Flow” exudes a lavish and luxurious vibe, as Soulja Boy effortlessly rides the glossy production. The song is a celebration of success, delivered with a confident swagger that’s impossible to ignore.

  5. “Legacy”:
    As the album nears its conclusion, Soulja Boy pours his heart and soul into “Legacy.” Here, he reflects on his impact and the importance of leaving a lasting mark in the industry. The introspective lyrics, combined with a soulful backdrop, make this track one of the album’s emotional highlights.

Soulja Boy’s ‘The Last Crown’ is a triumphant return for the hip-hop icon. With an album packed with infectious beats, clever wordplay, and unapologetic self-assurance, Soulja Boy proves that he is still a force to be reckoned with in the rap game. ‘The Last Crown’ encapsulates his growth as an artist, showcasing both his signature style and a newfound maturity in his storytelling.

While some tracks lean towards the braggadocious nature of hip-hop, Soulja Boy also offers glimpses of vulnerability and introspection. It is this balance that makes the album a well-rounded and captivating listening experience.

With ‘The Last Crown,’ Soulja Boy not only cements his place in hip-hop history but also paves the way for a new era of his career. This album serves as a testament to his unwavering talent and relentless pursuit of greatness. If you’re a fan of Soulja Boy or a lover of vibrant, energetic hip-hop, ‘The Last Crown’ is a must-listen that will leave you craving more from this influential artist.

Download: The Last Crown

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