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Mullage This Is For The Radio mixtape

Mullage This Is For The Radio

 You’ll thank me after downloading Mullage This Is For The Radio!!!

The latest mixtape by Mullage This Is For the Radio.  Download the mixtape below…

Mullage This Is For The Radio mixtape

Hosted By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar

Download:  Mullage This Is For The Radio Mixtape

Plus a preview to their “Who’s Next?” Interview…

by Jake Coughlan
Watch your heads because coming fast and heavy out of Atlanta is a musical duo known as Mullage. Their Musical collage includes sounds from rap to R & B to Hip-Hop and beyond. Their recently released single Trick’n has already had nearly 13 million plays on their MySpace page and according to Mullage, it’s only the beginning.

Parlé: You both grew up in Atlanta, but didn’t meet until you were both in the Navy. Talk to me about both the similarities and differences in your childhoods.
B Boi: I came up more on the west side of Atlanta. I wouldn’t say we were poor poor but we weren’t the most fortunate kids around. My mother and step-father were parents that really just went out of their way to make a way for a family.
B Town: My mother, she moved around a lot. I was raised on the south side of Atlanta, but I’ve lived everywhere. She was a single parent taking care of us, and locked me in on music.

Parlé: So now tell me about the name Mullage. I get that it’s a combination of the words “Music” and “Collage” but explain the inherent dynamics of the two words, and how the blend of the words describes your style of music.
B Town: Basically, the definition is: two forces engaged to create a musical collage. B Boi and myself, we have two different styles but once you combine the two together, you get something that’s hard to clone. We had the opportunity to meet Andre 3000 and that’s something he said that he and Big Boi had together. They know they’re capable of having their own solid careers and they can make things happen by themselves but there’s just something totally different about when they make music together. That’s what it’s about.

Parlé: So together, “B Town” and “B Boi” make up Mullage. Explain the stage names and their origins.
B Boi: My stage name came from me being the new student at the school and being the new dude around. Nobody knew me, nobody knew my name, so everybody would just call me the black boy (laughs). I just took what they said and shortened it up and made it B Boi.
B Town: B Town came from my first name, Braelon. I was actually dancing before I was making music and I was from D.C. I’m guessing people used to call D.C. “B-Town”, I’m not sure if they still do, but it just kind of stuck with me.



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