Young Marco Relives Big Day with his “Prom” SIngle

Young Marco Prom
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Everyone knows that prom night is definitely a night to remember. 19-year-old Atlanta native, Singer, Young Marco has been buzzing up social media with his new single, “PROM.” Inspired by his own high school experience, “PROM” is the second single released from his upcoming debut EP, 4 Our Generation.


The Atlanta crooner took an interest in performing, singing, and songwriting at a young age. With inspiration from musical geniuses like Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, and even Drake, Marco has been able to develop his own creative sound—giving off a nice mix of alternative R&B and Pop.

While transcribing real life situations into his lyrics, Marco’s demanding vocal presence and versatility sets him apart from most young musicians today. Reaching a number of audiences of all ages, it’s very evident that the 19-year-old cannot be boxed into just one category.

Shortly after the release of his 2015 single, “Gone Long Gone,”which shined light on domestic violence awareness, Young Marco traveled to a variety of shelters to perform the song for domestic violence victims. Now, he has high hopes that the new single, “PROM,” will reach people all over as well.

“I just want this song to be the prom anthem in all schools when they attend this special event, I want it to give them the same energy it gives me.” Marco says.

In the song, Marco relives prom, as he creates an unforgettable visual. As said before, prom is definitely a night to remember—and Young Marco proves that with this new hit.

Listen to Young Marco “Prom” here:

Young Marco’s upcoming debut EP, 4 Our Generation, will be available on iTunes on April 22nd.

Also, be sure to catch him on his new 4 Our Generation tour coming soon!

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