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Jermaine Dupri vs Puff Daddy Verzuz Preview
The hype around a potential Jermaine Dupri vs Puff Daddy Verzuz has been brewing since the battles began. So most recently when JD issued his challenge to Puff to sign the paperwork and bring it together, the debate really went to a new level.  While Diddy wants a shot at Dr. Dre and feels like that is the only...
Ja Rule vs Fat Joe Verzuz
Just a couple weeks before the latest Verzuz was announced someone asked me who I thought should go up against Fat Joe.  There were only 2 options that made sense, based on who hasn't had a Verzuz yet:  Busta Rhymes or Ja Rule.  My vote was Ja because I felt like the only options left for him were:  Ma$e...

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