Actor Christian Frazier Is Committed To The Craft For The Long Haul

Christian Frazier

Actor, Model & Comedian Christian Frazier Shines In Prime Time

Actor and model, Christian Frazier has a story that is right out of the movies.

“I was working in sales and was out making calls and this agent saw me and said, ‘Hey you have a great look. I could get you acting and modeling jobs,’” Frazier recalls.  He was actually already doing some modeling jobs here and there so the opportunity couldn’t be more perfect. “The timing was just right. At the same time, I entered this radio contest looking for the Sexiest Man in Orlando, and I won three times in a row.”


Now Frazier, who is also a comedian, will guest star on the FOX’s hit TV show “Gotham” as Henry Weaver, a new threat for Detective Gordon, on March 28th. In the episode titled, “Prisoners” Detective Gordon (Ben McKenzie) finds himself in jail where new threats await, particularly after he is removed from protective custody.

Christian Frazier auditioned for the show last year and got called back. “I guess the casting department kind of liked me.  I auditioned for the role of Henry Weaver in December and was booked right before I went on my Christmas vacation,” he details. “So it was a great holiday. And I filmed the episode in January.”

Will he return? “Right now it’s not a recurring role, but I don’t die in the episode,” Frazier jokes. “But it would be great. A lot of people are coming back to reprise roles, like Jada Pinkett Smith, so who knows? I would love to join the cast. It’s a great series.”


Christian FrazierWhen Frazier entered acting and comedy, it was a total career change. He is actually a military veteran. He worked in military Intelligence with a Top Secret Clearance and traveled around the world during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. But perhaps this experience helped him with some of his film and TV roles, which have ranged from being a cop, a member of SWAT, as well as roles as bodyguards, doctors and attorneys.

Prior to acting he was on a successful professional track. The father of four and (believe it or not) grandfather of three, studied Computer Networking Engineering and he served as Vice President of two different firms. He has worked for some of the Top Fortune 500 companies and at one time was even voted one of the Top 40 Business Professionals under 40 by The Orlando Business Journal.


As faith would have it, Christian Frazier cemented his decision to enter the acting profession during a project with Denzel Washington. “I got to meet all of these great actors and this is when I really got bitten by the acting bug,” Frazier explains. “I’ve always been a risk taker and I feel like when you really have a gift and have an understanding of the business and the craft and it becomes less risky but that’s like any industry. So I studied and prepared. I was in sales before so I am used to being rejected.”  But he took the craft seriously and studied acting for at renowned The Stella Adler School of Acting.  Now it’s all paying off.

Since he’s begun acting, Frazier has appeared in several projects, including the films Top Five, Ricky and The Flash, Black Nativity; and the shows, Blue Bloods, Law and Order SVU, 30 Rock, Discovery ID, Begin Again and The Good Wife.  Last year he also produced his own comedy special, Black Don’t Crack, which was films in NYC.


Frazier says he feels that while diversity is still a major issue in Hollywood, he says things are improving. “Diversity is a hot button topic right now and it is a very serious issue, but instead of highlighting all the negative aspects, I like to look at the positive. And working on a show like ‘Gotham,” which has been very diverse from the beginning is a very positive experience. I also feel that with the Web there are so many new opportunities for people to produce and share content on their own.”

In addition to the Gotham news, Frazier also recently joined The East Coast Inspirational Singers as supporting cast in a Cancer Awareness commercial/public service announcement starring Patti LaBelle as she joins the fight against lung cancer as a spokesperson. The PSA is being produced by Quincy Jones III.

Christian Frazier is in acting and entertainment for the long haul. And difficulties will not deter him. He shares, “Believe it or not I like the uncertainly and the challenge.”

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