Diamond Strawberry – A True Diamond In The Rough

Diamond Strawberry
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The beloved Reality TV Show series  Love & Hip-Hop, has launched the careers of K Michelle, Joseline Hernandez, Yandy Smith, Erica Mena and many more. Often the women get shown in a negative light, fighting, throwing champagne back and forth and doing everything that makes for entertaining television. Specifically the New York franchise of Love & Hip-Hop is known for  it’s  high octane relationships. From Eric Mena and Cyn Santana to Peter Gunz and whomever he’s dating at the time, the producers have their hands full. Add in Diamond Strawberry and on again off again boyfriend Cisco Rosado and you have entirely too much to handle, if you let the cameras tell the story.

Contrary to popular belief Diamond Strawberry is a sweet, caring and loving woman who enjoys long romantic walks to the TV to watch Adult Swim!  When she’s not enjoying Family Guy, she’s dedicating time to bettering the lives of women at the Safe Place Youth Center that she co-founded with her mother. However, nothing trumps the time she spends with beautiful and talented seven year old, MyLisa.

Prior to diving into reality television Diamond was into sports, following the footsteps of her MLB Hall Of Fame dad Darryl Strawberry. She enjoyed basketball and track throughout her younger years but found her calling when she was given the opportunity to be in front of a camera. Alongside her brother, Darryl Eugene Strawberry Jr, at a very young age. Darryl continued to play sports while of course Diamond continued acting and eventually landed onto Love & Hip-Hop.

Diamond Strawberry
Initially Diamond entered the show as the love interest of music producer Cisco Rosado. Prior to the cameras following their every move, the two enjoyed the relationship sharing a close bond that seemed unbreakable. Fast forward a few months and the two are in a totally different space than they were. On national television Diamond found out her once loving boyfriend has a child, different women and the bond between the two just isn’t as strong as she thought.

Unlike most, Diamond left immediately after she found out about his infidelity. She inspired many young women to leave their relationships if they weren’t getting the love and respect they deemed necessary. Since the breakup she’s been moving along well, even spending the covenant Valentine’s Day eating a fancy dinner and enjoying the company of ‘someone special’.

Diamond Strawberry is truly a diamond in the rough. Beautiful, talented and ambitious she serves as a phenomenal influence to the young women who enjoy her role on Love & Hip-Hop. Aside from the show she’s gearing for some additional roles in film, a cosmetic line and an athletic wear line. Safe to say she’ll have her hands full. We are anxious to see what she does next on the show and how she’ll leverage the show into prospering business moves.

If you cannot get enough of her on TV follow her on Instagram (@Diamond_Strawberry) and on Twitter (@DStrawberryDuh).