Resolve to Get Justice: Jaime Davidson, Sr.

Jaime Davidson, Sr.

Editor’s Note:  A few weeks back I received an email from a man named Jaime A. Davidson explaining that he was of the original founders of the Reggaeton movement and that his story, which begins about twenty years ago, is one that requires immediate attention. Davidson is currently behind bars serving three life sentences for the shooting death of a police officer which he says he can prove and has proved that he is being framed for.  I’m in no position to act as a judge of this case, so I decided to give Jaime an opportunity to tell his story.  Over a phone interview he explained to my writer how this all started in Brooklyn in the late 80’s.  My intention was to give a direct transcript of the interview but due to a bad connection the story had to be translated by my writer.  Below you’ll find the story, of Jaime Davidson, Sr., read carefully.


His story begins on the streets of Brooklyn. Immersed in the hip hop culture at an early age, Jaime Davidson Sr. set out to craft a different style of music. In the late 80’s, he began using a sound system known as BabyQuake.  “It was the first sound system with Hip-Hop to be used in the dancehall,” says Jaime. Jaime underscores that when he sees what “Reggaeton is now, I say they using my beats. I was the one that paved the way for Reggaeton.”


This different style of music allowed him to produce some hit records such as a Spanish version of Shabba Ranks’ hit, “Trailer Load-A-Girls.” It was at this time that he became known as “Gringo the Original.”  “In West Indian culture, we might see John Wayne and call him Johnny Ringo, so I ended up being Gringo. Gringo the Original,” Jaime notes.


In October of 1990, a police officer, Wallie Howard Jr., was killed on the streets of Brooklyn. Allegedly, Jaime Davidson Sr. was around the area where the officer was killed and thus a mission and a journey of justice began. According to Jaime Davidson Sr., certain individuals told him that they wanted his music to become more mainstream, not just be present in the Flatbush area and he said, “no.” “They told me if you don’t help us, we’re going to involve you in a case. Two months later, the reality came and they tied me into this case involving the police officer.”


In February of 1992, Jaime Davidson was sentenced to three life sentences plus an additional 85 years for the murder of Wallie Howard Jr. Through many attempts, Davidson Sr. stands by his innocence working with a top notch forensic expert to take a look at the case and drafting numerous appeals to the court. This forensic expert also worked on the high profiled case of Princess Diana.

Jaime Davidson, Sr.
Jaime Davidson, Sr.

Jaime asserts “when the government realized that I had a cassette tape with the only expert that proved that they assassinated this officer, they put a gag order on this expert so he wouldn’t speak anymore.” During his third attempt to receive justice, Jaime emphatically states that “it was reversed by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, when she was in the second circuit.”


Jaime Davidson, Sr. has established several Internet outlets to attain his freedom such as and His brother, who is a sergeant major, recently wrote a letter to the US attorney general about this case and Jaime has also established a petition to get his case heard by the Supreme Court. With potent resolve and fierce determination in his voice, Jaime Davidson, Sr., is demanding that justice be done in his case.
Find out more info at and consider signing the petition.


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