An Intimate Session with Author Nadège

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Author Nadège ironically says, “Becoming a writer was never my goal—never supposed to be my path or journey.” Her unexpected racy talent for writing erotic fiction started only because she was bored and admittedly a little horny during her day job as a HR representative. As her imagination started to flow, so did the words that eventually led to her self-published book, Intimate Sessions 7 Moments of Pleasure.

She began the journey in the Myspace era by writing steamy short stories in the notes section and sharing some of the excerpts with friends. Slowly she developed a small following and was encouraged to write more. Nadège says, “I’m a tease. I would always just give them a taste—never the whole thing. I would set a romantic atmosphere, then stop—right before the climax.” She admits it gave her a rush.

From as far back as she could remember, she’s been very open-minded sexually and her friends used to come to her for advice. She reveals that she’s never been down with the norm in the bedroom and she and her mate would always keep it spicy in that regards. Perhaps this is why writing the short stories for her book came so naturally. “ It helps being free with sexuality and realizing that it’s not a taboo,” Nadège explains. When asked if the book mimics her real life in any way, she was a little tongue-tied at first but responded with, “Fantasy and rumors always stem from some sort of truth. I had to do my research for the book. So I would say its 90% truth and 10% fantasy.”

Nadège - Intimate Sessions

Her plan was to vividly paint an experience that utilized all five senses. From the reviews that Intimate Sessions has been getting, we’d say she succeeded. The book itself is written in first person and pulls the reader in—deeper and deeper. It’s a completely different style than anything else you’ll find on today’s digital bookshelves. One of her readers, Ken N. Robinson wrote a review and said,” Nadège hits the mark with this collection of short, erotic fantasies. The steam just rises from the pages as the stories sizzle from start to finish. After completing this collection do not be surprised if you have a sudden urge to re-enact some of what you just read. Certainly Nadège is a new name to remember in the world of erotic fiction.”

So if you need a good book to put the spice back in your relationship, Nadège’s Intimate Sessions may be just what you need. You can find her book on both Amazon and Kindle. She’s currently working on more books. She also juggles her time with family, being a multinational speaker and being the special guest for various book clubs.

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