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Peter Baldwin

Peter Baldwin Is An Emerging Artist You Must Check Out

Music holds a special place in all our lives, whether it be a favorite song, artist or maybe you’re like me and it’s only when you hear a particular piece of music that it triggers a memory dear to you. Whatever the case may be, we can all agree that music has had a profound influence in our lives. For alternative soul artist, Peter Baldwin, music has been such a major influence in life that he decided to become a musician. He didn’t stop there, he created his own genre of music in order to pay tribute to all the styles that have influenced him throughout the years. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Peter to discuss his particular brand of music, his EP and those very same influences that inspired him towards a life of music.


This young Alaskan native is no new comer to the music scene. Growing up in Anchorage where alot of the music scene was mainly rock, indie and folk, a younger Baldwin’s family was involved in the church, as his father was a pastor, it was there that he would draw inspiration from gospel music  to spark his love affair with music.  Still he didn’t take it serious until he moved to Orlando Florida to attend Full Sail University to study the recording arts. “My Senior of high school, I was into making music but it wasn’t until I moved to Orlando for school that I really started getting into it. I found myself cutting class to record and practice, which I don’t recommend,” says Baldwin as he reminiscences. He recalls the days he’d spent in college practicing and writing music with friends for the fun of it with no thoughts about pursuing a career in music. “At the time, I just loved to write and perform. I still do and I’m lucky to be in a position that allows me to be creative.”


Baldwin’s musical style is so unique that he had to invent his own genre of music, which he calls Alternative Soul. “Alternative Soul takes a lot of elements from different styles like Soul, Gospel, indie Rock, Folk, Jazz , Hip-Hop and some Pop overtones. It’s a fusion of all these things,” explains Baldwin. When asked if his style of music could be compared to any current artists, Baldwin jokingly replies, “I’ve been told I sound like John Legend, which is a compliment but I don’t really see it.” Baldwin makes it a point not to try to label himself under any particular genre since he finds inspiration from all types. The term for the genre “Alternative Soul” was so that Baldwin could experiment with the type of music he likes and not be forced to stick to a certain style of music.


Peter Baldwin released his Vodville EP under his label, Rock Ya Girl Records in late July.  When asked if doing an EP instead of an album was a conscious decision he said, “This is my first studio release and I wanted to do an EP for now to give the public a chance to get to know me and my music. I plan on doing a full album in the future to expand more with my music, but right now this is my introduction.”  Baldwin recommends that the readers and his fans check out YouTube for Baldwin’s video for his single “Suicide Girl”.  He also clarified that Rock Ya Girl Records isn’t just another label. “We’re all about helping aspiring artists grow. Right now we’re just getting started but hopefully in the future we’ll be able to sign new artists.”


Vodville EP may be Baldwin’s first studio album but he’s opened for such acts as Joss Stone, Mayer Hawthrone and Earth, Wind and Fire. “It’s different every time but every artists I’ve worked with so far has been a pleasure to work with.” Baldwin recalls the time, he got to meet Joss Stone who was a fan of his music. “I was surprised that she had actually heard my music and knew who i was, that was kind of a big shock to me.”

Peter Baldwin
Peter Baldwin’s Vodville EP out now

Touring with such big name acts hasn’t increased Baldwin’s ego, he still manages to stay true to his roots and fans.  “I’m always looking to improve myself, everyone should but the feedback from critics and fans has been more than supportive.  I’m not looking to become a career orientated artist but to play towards my fans even if its in smaller venues.”  Baldwin also hopes to someday make music for movies for people to enjoy.


Peter Baldwin sounds off with some words of advice to the readers and fans: “Keep going at something you know you’re good at. I’ve been able to find a talent that works for me and I hope others can do the same. Try not to get trapped under what others may expect from you and rise above it.” For the readers and fans who are interested, they can buy Peter Baldwin’s Vodville EP on Amazon and Itunes.


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