Phenom – A Phenomenal Artist & Producer

Born in the birthplace of Hip-Hop; Bronx, New York, Phenom started listening to music at an early age. His passion for music has grown throughout the years as he has grown as an artist. Phenom was introduced to a producer/lyricist through his older sister who taught him how to produce beats. After producing beats for a couple of months, he started to freestyle to the beats as he created them and eventually those freestyles evolved into songwriting.


By age 14, he emerged to “Phenom” and started recording some of his very first songs. He expanded his creativity and set-up a personal studio within his home so he could work day and night on music. After producing for many artists, Phenom decided to branch out into rapping and songwriting towards a solo career. Inspired by artists like Jay-z, he decided to put his own team of talented artists together, “Team So Phenomenal”, and strive to become the next big entrepreneur in the entertainment industry.




Phenom ft. Dex! – Local Celebrity



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