Meet The Cast of ‘The Impact New York’ Comiing To VH1

'The Impact New York' Season 1 Premiere Date and Cast Debut

VH1 announces the premiere of Season 1 of The Impact New York, which delves into the fascinating lives of its cast members, showcasing prominent individuals from diverse backgrounds. Here’s your chance to Meet The Cast of The Impact New York.

With Cleotrapa’s unbridled charm and Bernice Burgos’s entrepreneurial zeal, this ensemble showcases a one-of-a-kind combination of skill, wit, and flair. Prepare to be captivated by the tales of Scot Louie’s revolutionary impact on fashion and Chinese Kitty’s formidable presence in the worlds of music and social media.

Discover the unique paths taken by Ella Rodriguez, DreamDoll, Maleni Cruz, and Ashley Marie Burgos—four individuals who have added their own flavor to the rich fabric of New York’s cultural scene—in this exclusive story.

James Knox, Ia Robinson, Tiffany Lea Williams, and Angela Aguilera are the executive producers for VH1. Catch a glimpse of the cast by watching the trailer for Season 1 of VH1’s The Impact New York

Come with us as we explore the captivating cast who make up Impact New York Season 1. First season of The Impact New York will premiere on January 22 at 9/8C

Meet The Cast Of The Impact New York Season 1 on VH1

Scot Louie

Scot Louie, a celebrity fashion stylist from Brooklyn, influences millions in the fashion world. Known for his #fashionNEEDSme hashtag, Scot combines fashion and culinary arts, with an upcoming cookbook in Fall 2024.


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Maleni Cruz

Maleni Cruz, a viral sensation from Brooklyn, is a force with exceptional humor and assertiveness. With millions of followers, her Dominican roots make her relatable and endearing.


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Ella Rodriguez

Ella Bands, a prominent influencer from the Bronx, is a soft-spoken powerhouse and accomplished entrepreneur. With a million-dollar empire and nearly 10 million TikTok engagements, Ella is a dedicated mother and vocalist.


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DreamDoll, a Bronx native, stands out with doll-like appearance, fiery verses, and collaborations with industry giants. With over 5 million followers, she’s a rising star in the rap genre.


Cleotrapa, a captivating recording artist from Staten Island, is known for unapologetic charisma. A beloved personality with humor and New York swag, Cleotrapa draws a following of over a million.

Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty, an influential figure in music and social media, is a #bodygoals icon. With striking beauty and East Coast intensity, she’s a rapper, entrepreneur, and Love & Hip Hop Miami star.


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Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos, a legend from Manhattan, founded Bold & Beautiful for women’s empowerment. Beyond a successful modeling career, she champions confidence and inclusivity.


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Ashley Marie Burgos

Ashley Marie Burgos, a 26-year-old model, follows the footsteps of her mega influencer mother, Bernice Burgos. Collaborating on Bold and Beautiful, Ashley is making waves in the music industry with a dedicated fanbase.


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