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Torrei Hart – Atlanta Exes Star Making A Name For Herself

Stepping out of the shadows of her ex-husbands’ success, Torrei Hart is hell bent on making a new name for herself. She’s much more than just Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, and she wants to make it clear. First and foremost, she’s a mother, but she is also an actress and she’s also passionate, spiritual, driven, straightforward and a mogul in the making.

While Torrei doesn’t consider herself a comedian, she definitely has a talent for making people laugh and it started when she was just six years old. She noticed early on that she could get herself out of trouble by making light of the situation and cracking a few jokes. There’s no wonder why she was voted class clown in high school. Along with her writing partner, Simone Shepard, they created Pretty Funny Fish Productions. The comedy industry has long been known as a boy’s club and this comedy sketch group offers an outlet for these women to write and produce their own stuff, while exploring their comedic style and talents.

Torrei Hart
The beautiful, Torrei Hart

The Philadelphia transplant, recently relocated to hang out with a few Georgia peaches. Torrei is a part of the cast for Atlanta Exes and says the show has been a positive experience thus far and is capturing the best of her. She has a great relationship with all the other women on the hit show; despite the shaky beginning with Temeka Raymond. If you’re keeping track of the show, you’ll recall that Torrei and Temeka fell out over an incident that happened at Temeka’s T-Market, a charity event for her late son Kile. After bantering back and forth, Torrei blurted out, “Kill yourself”, and has wished she could take it back ever since. “But we’re in a good place now. She’s like my nagging big sister and I have a soft side for her,” Torrei explains.

When discussing to topic of reality shows, Torrei feels shows like Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta have too much fighting ay their core and she doesn’t want Atlanta Exes to go in that direction. Although she knows several cast-members from LHHA, plus she’s a viewer and supporter of the show, she can’t be a part of something like that. She’s interested in focusing on a positive type of show because she wishes to continue to allow her children to watch it. After the first episode, daughter Heavenly verified that her mom did okay and didn’t embarrass her; however she hasn’t asked to watch another episode.

When it comes to Torrei the Mom, she says that her children come first in all aspects of her life. The mother of two has a rock solid support system, which allows her to maintain a healthy balance and effective time management. She also offers props to ex-husband Kevin, for making co-parenting run smoothly.

Another business venture for Torrei is her Skimpy Mixers that can now be ordered online and found on the shelves of the world’s largest retail chain, Wal-mart. The low calorie fruit-based cocktail mixer is gluten-free and comes in six different flavors. Torrei’s signature flavor is Cherry- Limeade and it’s “Skimpy on the calories, not the taste,” she offers.

Before she was a rising reality TV star and an entrepreneur, Torrei served in the United States Army Reserves for six years and was also in customer service for a short time. These experiences helped shape her into the woman she is today. She’s utilizing her background and star power to create a platform to empower woman. She’s writing a book about her story, and she speaks to women who have found themselves in a similar situation to hers and is creating an organization with her sister called SOAR to help women learn how to start over after a divorce.

The good, the bad and the ugly, when you’re on TV you can expect to be judged; and Torrei believes that if you have a problem with being judged, then reality TV is not the place for you. She’s not the same person she was four years ago, she’s moved on and moved forward. She’s happy and living the life she loves.

Torrei’s next project is a funny film with Katt Williams about a preacher’s kid working in a strip club to make ends met. Be on the lookout for Yanks.

Learn more about Torrei and follow her at @torrei_hart.

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