Zane Uncovers The Publishing Industry with New Book, Talks Shop with Parlé

Off the heels of last year’s blockbuster big screen hit Addicted, author and entrepreneur Zane is back!  This time she’s serving up a ‘how-to’ book, answering questions and concerns she’s been getting for years, beginning with the main question, “How do I write a book?” Zane admits, “I’ve been meaning to write this for a long, long time.”
In her new book, Infinite Words, Zane shares all she’s learned and more about becoming a writer, getting your book published and the bare bone elements of how the publishing industry works, even down to etiquette with other writers. It’s based on a writing boot camp she held once and is essentially a comprehensive guide to writing and publishing.  She talked about how she gets questions every single day and there’s no way she can respond to each one, in one email—there’s just too much information, so it was finally time to publish a tell all guide to help people that really want to get started.

Talking to Zane, made me reminisce to the first time I heard about her.  Do you remember your first time?  I was sitting in my college dorm room when one of my roomies turned me on to my first Zane book.  She just went on and on about how detailed and vivid the book was.  I had some free time in between classes, so when she finished with it, I started in on Sisters of APF.  It was explosive and unlike anything I had ever read before.  I can recall rushing through just to turn the page and find out what the sexy ladies of APF would do next.  That was my introduction to Zane, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

That’s why, like most of her readers and followers, I was super excited when Addicted came to big screen late last year.  “The response to the movie was great and the DVD is doing well,” Zane says thankfully. “The director Bille Woodruff understood what I wanted portrayed on the screen, and did a wonderful job.”

Lots of people have compared Addicted and other works from Zane to the popular 50 Shades of Grey series, surprisingly however Zane admits that she’s never read any of the books in the series and she didn’t watch the movie.   Pardon the pun, but Zane admits, “Not to throw shade to the author, I’m very happy for her—it’s just not something that I’ve felt compelled to read or compelled to go watch.  With that being said, that’s the case with a ton of stuff.  I read stuff mainly that I publish for my authors and when I read casually, I tend to select things that have nothing to do with the types of things I write.”

For those of you waiting on the next movie from one of Zane’s books; you’re in luck.  She’s in negotiations with Lionsgate for another project, but keeping tight-lipped on exactly which book will be coming to a theater near you.  If it’s anything like Addicted, then we all know that we better get our tickets early.

Zane's Infinite Words book cover
Zane’s Infinite Words book cover

As for Infinite Words, it’s definitely different from what we are used to getting from Zane, but it is sure to be an invaluable tool for those seeking insider information into the wonderful world of publishing.

Zane’s advice to anyone starting out is to: WRITE.  She says, “Writers write,” so if this is something you’re passionate about, then start.