Avatar movie review

Avatar movie poster

First came Aliens, then Titanic, now James Cameron impresses us with his Avatar movie. The film, whose script work began in 1994, is a galactic descent into science fiction and 3D intensity. The plot is centered on a moon-like planet known as Pandora, where humans battle with humanoids (collectively called the Na’vi) over essential life necessities.


James Cameron, whose movies always carry heavy themes, goes all out with this tale of diversity, domination and survival.  Avatar is pleasing to the eyes with its spectacular imagery and skilled technology, but steps out of the poignant zone from previous Cameron flicks with its seemingly forced plotline. The writer supposes this was due to the script sitting around for more than a decade and the reworking of it by Cameron to generate a film. Avatar’s perfection comes with the final scenes and enriching actors who play their roles to a tee.


In the end, the Avatar movie works as a genre based cinematic masterpiece and should fare well in the dollars it raises at the box office, at least to counteract its expensive budget.

The Avatar movie receives a PAR