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Before I Self Destruct… 50 Cent Album Review

Before I Self Destruct, 50 Cent’s fourth solo studio album is an aggressive vent from the multi-platinum rapper.  It seems that for the disc he tried to replicate past classics from past albums, a formula that proved to be effective.

One of the sixteen true to form hits is “Then Days Went By,” where 50 Cent shows off over Rich Harrison audio magic. The cold and brazen verses offer a raw slant into the Queens musician. The ruckus of “Strong Enough,” finds 50 returning to the select style seen on 2000’s Power of the Dollar and 2003’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

50 Cent unleashes heavy verbal disses on “So Disrepectful.” The cut has a simple chorus but explodes as 50 Cent takes on The Game and Young Buck. The quick bar “your homies shoot dawgs, my n***as shoot people,” proves that 50 is by far no Wanksta.

The angry “Psycho,” is a mangled pictoral snapped by both 50 and Eminem. Both flow so well over the paralyzing beat, it is hard to determine who delivers better. “Ok, You’re Right,” the Dr.Dre produced third single complements the aloof style fans of 50 Cent have come to know. It lifts its hand to The Massacre‘s “Outta Control” and Curtis‘ “I Get Money,” in that it speaks on ego in a crafty way with lines like “N**a I ain’t crazy, b****es like me cause I’m paid/They want me, LeBron, Kobe or Dwyane Wade/When I say I’m ballin I’m not talkin ’bout a ball/I’m talkin ’bout Tiffany & Co. stones out the mall/N***as they can hate all they want but they know they like this.”

Before I Self Destruct comes complete with the courting treasures similar to “Candy Shop” and “Amusement Park.” “Baby By Me,” featuring Ne-Yo feels like a hookup between “Disco Inferno” and “Just a Lil Bit,” whereas “Do You Think About Me” and “Get It Hot,” relish in relationship enjoyment on their own and seemingly uproot his previous radio gratification.

In an interview with MTV, 50 Cent was quoted as saying that “Before I Self Destruct will be the best record of this time period.” Perhaps this batch of dark tidbits testify to how relentless of a rapper he is.

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