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Blacc Hollywood – Wiz Khalifa album review

Blacc Hollywood is the fifth studio album from Wiz Khalifa – the rapper known for creating chill songs about getting high and living the high life. Being more of a fan of his mixtapes because he seems to offer more impactful, heavy-hitting rhymes on those, listening to Blacc Hollywood solidified my opinion even further.

The first single, “We Dem Boyz” at certain points feels club bangerish and worthy of attention, and at others like nothing but a reverb recap of 2012’s O.N.I.F.C. On “House of the Hills,” Curren$y joins Wiz for perhaps the best track on Blacc Hollywood. Its introspection serves as admonition to his debut album, Show and Prove or even 2009’s Deal or No Deal, in that Khalifa feels more aligned with the production and lyricism. There is no pretense, no overdone repetition.

The same can be said for “So High” and “No Gain,” two more standouts from Blacc Hollywood. The former feels like a leftover from Deal or No Deal with its thematic presence where Wiz wanted to showcase to fans that he’s still very capable of not just putting anything out there; while the latter streams over the speakers with an extremely laid back announcement from Wiz to his haters and his fans about what it takes to put an album together and be who he is as a rapper in the dog eat dog genre.

Blacc Hollywood isn’t subpar, just sounds too formulaic and insists on trying to make the listener believe it’s something that it’s not. The album provides substantial reason why Khalifa fans like myself stick with the mixtapes rather than what he’s cooked up as of late.

Blacc Hollywood receives a PAR

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