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Masspike Miles, Say Hello to Forever mixtape review

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Say Hello to Forever Mixtape Review

Maybach Music’s reign is sure to continue, if Masspike Miles has anything to say about the Hip-Hop crooner has made his mark on the 1st quarter, leading the way for a collective that has the makings of a dynasty in todays market.  Undoubtedly the machine had the most dominating year that we have seen in a while, as a whole the only entity that I would entertain being measured would be Young Money’s rise, on the heels of its superstars Nicki, Drake and Wayne beginning with Wayne’s proclamation of being the best rapper alive since the best rapper had retired.  Point taken.

Masspike Miles proclammation is something of a different nature; mostly known for his soulful assistance on many of the M.M.G’s hits, he has stepped out of those shadows and has thrown his name in the pot of arguably the hottest R & B artist of now with his Say Hello to Forever mixtape.
Opening with the mixtape’s title track, “Say Hello to Forever” a great tempo is set, which is carried with each subsequent song.  With an A-list of Hip-Hop features, such as the legendary Raekwon on “Priceless,” along with the trendsetting rookie of the year a couple years ago, Wiz Khalifa on “Flatline.” Say Hello to Forever is a strong mnixture of some conceptual gems such as “Hard Rain, where Masspike provides a very identifiable treatise on the fact that to live life is to experience everything that comes with it, and indeed within that will be pain. Question is “How do u escape the “Hard Rain?”
Candy Store” is reminiscent of R & B grooves from yesterday, when not only love, but love-making was essential.  This sensual cut brings to mind the vibe of TP-2.com which is very high praise considering that was a classic ALBUM.
On “Departed” Masspike reminds us that it is never easy to leave a person that you are in love with, but sometmes in life it is the best thing for you.  Ever found yourself in that situation? I’m sure you can relate. On the otherside look for songs like the introspective cut “Imperfections” featuring Freshman on Year nominee Fred the Godson, on which Miles speaks to the importance of self-inventory. So often in life, denial is prevalent, as well as finger pointing, yet there is no growth until you take a look in the mirror. Assisted by the crafty wordsmith, this track plays like a how-to when in need of saving your relationship and like Jaheim said, “putting that woman first.”

Overall, I would give this review of Say Hello to Forever Mixtape 4 stars for content, creativity, consistency, features, and tone.  If you have not by now, be sure to check out Maybach Music Group’s Masspike Miles, and Say Hello to Forever.

Say Hello To Forever receives a PARL






PARL…Kinda Great

PARLÉ… Classic   

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