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‘Legion’ Strays From the Templates – Movie Review

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The Legion movie tells the story of the biblical apocalypse. Directed by Scott Stewart, who worked on many movies such as Mars Attacks and Night at the Museum, its script is built around human beings and their survival against God’s wrath. Led by a group of dining strangers and Archangel Michael, played by Paul Bettany, humanity finds itself grasping to hang on as its creator unleashes his contempt. But as you’ll find in this Legion movie review, you’ll find that not everything is as it seems.

The script presents a myriad of problems to the audience because it strays from the templates used in each translation of the Bible. The writer believes that the story had nothing to do with the Bible in the first place. God and his angels were just something easy to use for a storyline crafted around destruction. Legion‘s Paul Bettany plays an angel defying his creator; such a concept is almost unheard of, and yet Legion uses this as its premise to unleash action and draw us in.

The movie has credibility because of the visual effects but fails to live out the conceptualization given in the Holy book itself. It is a head-scratcher for one reason alone: can the creation stand up to its creator’s overwhelming power? This question is answered by the film; however, shows forth a God whom we’ve come to learn is perfect as anything but. Then again, this is only entertainment – and these comparisons perhaps shouldn’t have been drawn, but it is hard not to in a predominantly Christian country.

Legion movie review
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