Eric Benét Self-Titled Album Review

Eric Benet album

Eric Benét Delivers Another Sensual Masterpiece  |  Self-Titled eric benét Album Review

The voice of R&B crooner, Eric Benét is a treasure that music lovers have been lucky enough to have since 1996.  Any time we’re able to get some new material from Eric, it’s bound to be sexy, soulful and uniquely fitting to his style.  That is definitely the case on Benet’s latest album, his self-titled sixth solo album.

Musicality and diverse instrumentation are an ever present guarantee for all his albums and that is again the case on eric benét, right from the start on the opener “Can’t Tell You Enough”, a sweet song about declaring love as often as possible.  The single “Sunshine” follows.  “Sunshine” has been getting spins since May.  More of a ballad, Benét’s passion is at the forefront on the track.

One of the things that’s always impressed me with Eric Benét is his ability to stay away from whatever is trending, while still finding creative ways to make great, heartfelt R&B music.  With what seems like effortless songwriting, Benét is one of a kind with a pen and he always seems to find new and original metaphors to take the listener on a lyrical ride.

As always, the love making, erotic music is on the album, by way of a a song like “Insane”, however this album is much more sultry than sexual.  Even a track titled, “Broke Beat Busted” comes off as one of the most incredible slow jams I’ve heard in a long time.  The album ends with a remix to the single, “Sunshine” featuring Tamia, which I think is actually better than the original.  Not quite the classic that is “Spend My Life With You” but the “Sunshine” Remix holds it’s own serving as the perfect end to a well produced, well delivered album.

eric benét receives a PARL

PARL…Kinda Great
PARLÉ… Classic


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