Heaven’s Door – Case Album Review

Case Heaven's Door album cover

Case last released an album in 2010, but for me Heaven’s Door is the first taste of new music from the crooner since his Open Letter in 2001. That album saw Case at his best off the success of “I’m Missing You.” A seasoned veteran at this stage in the game, Case isn’t making any of the small mistakes he made on his early projects and he’s not trying to fit into the mold of Hip-Hop & Blues as he did on much of his self titled debut. While “Touch Me, Tease Me” will forever remain a classic, you can expect strictly slow jams and quality R&B songs laced with love and the array of emotions that come with it.

Case completed this project with the help of several writers and producers, the benefit of recording in Atlanta. Producers include Amadeus, Squat Beats, Guitarboy, and Bizness, while the writers include Donnell Shawn Butler, Levar  Wilson and Case as well.

“Timeless” starts the project off, setting a standard early on musically and thematically. There are several instruments used, and Case smoothly waltzes along the track.

The album’s first single, “Shook Up,”  comes in a couple tracks later. Case confesses on the song of being taken aback by his woman’s loving. “Tour” coming in at track 9 may be the most new age type R&B record on the album with synths. The tour he speaks of on the track is of a woman’s body which makes it that much more intriguing.

The album also looks at the tough times of relationships on songs like “Juggle,” and “Difficult,” which asks the touch question, “why can’t we get this right the first time with love?”

The album ends with more signs of growth from Case. He has a couple songs seemingly dedicated to family and what that means to him. While he’s done it before on album’s past, this time he’s years down the line settled into fatherhood and understanding what he wants for his family.

My  favorite,  track 5, “Think About Us” is one of those songs where you reminisce about and old love and what could’ve been, but it’s done with the metaphors of technology. It’s complicated like the situation, but it’s also easy to understand.

Heaven’s Door is a complete album from an artist who understands the complexities of the music business. Though he’s been away for some time he picks right back up where he left off. Rest assured there’s nothing but quality music on this.