Toni Braxton Pulse album review

Toni Braxton Pulse
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After a five year hiatus, Toni Braxon, returns true to form with Pulse. The Tonie Braxton Pulse album consists of eleven cuts colliding with each other to create a perfect listening experience. The opener, “Yesterday” begins the set with backup from Trey Songz and exudes the same consistency that previous Toni openers have done drawing the listener in. “Make My Heart” finds Toni in a club and dance zone. The song takes Toni to a different element with her gravitating register simmering within the beat.

On “Hands Tied,” a single released simultaneously with “Make My Heart,” Toni uses her contralto voice to add both depth and meaning to the lyricism; while “Lookin At Me” comes at the listener with its hypnotizing harmony and cements Pulse as one of Toni’s best since 2000’s The Heat.

The collection’s two remakes, “Woman” and “No Way,” are where Toni puts her vocal flourishes on known masterpieces. The finale, “Why Won’t You Love Me,” is a breathtaking and heartfelt gem on the level of “Unbreak My Heart” from Secrets and “Candlelight” from her debut.

Pulse continues in the same vein as previous Braxton efforts, while trying to appeal to lovers of contemporary R & B. The themes are inviting and styled towards heartbreak and romantic desperation. Her voice eagerly glides over the ears without a touch of atrophy despite the rift between this album and the last.

Album Pick:  
Toni Braxton – Why Won’t You Love Me


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