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R&B Icon Anita Baker Hails Victoria Monet’s Track as ‘Masterpiece’

R&B Icon Anita Baker Hails Victoria Monet's Track as 'Masterpiece'

On January 4, a heartwarming Twitter exchange unfolded between two incredibly talented vocalists, Victoria Monét and R&B legend Anita Baker. Anita Baker praised Victoria Monet’s track, calling it a melodic masterpiece.

Victoria Monét, renowned for her exceptional vocal prowess, found herself basking in the glow of unexpected but deeply cherished validation from none other than her musical icon, Anita Baker.

This touching interaction was sparked by the resurrection of an old tweet from Monét dated back to the year 2022. In that vintage post, Monét had expressed her aspiration to craft a timeless love song—one that would earn the esteemed approval of the legendary Anita Baker. In the tweet, she wrote, “I wanna make a classic love song that Anita Baker would be proud of.”

Little did Monét know that this seemingly simple and earnest desire would eventually lead to a beautiful moment of recognition and appreciation from the iconic Anita Baker herself. The power of social media brought forth a manifestation of dreams, as Monét’s past words paved the way for a heartening exchange between two voices that have left an indelible mark on the world of R&B.

Further, Anita Baker praised Victoria Monet for her track, which she calls a ‘melodic masterpiece’, sending her love and acknowledging her talent. She tweeted,

In her gracious tweet, Monét humbly admitted that this unforeseen recognition from Anita Baker was nothing short of a dream come true

Monét’s past tweet and Anita Baker’s present commendation became a testament to the powerful connections that can unfold through the magic of social media.

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